The ‘Cadaqués nord enllà’ crossing ends at Valras Plage


six skaters arrived in valrans

The six expeditionary skaters plus Daniel Romaní’s friend who has accompanied him today in the fifth and last stage of the journey, concluded in Valras Plage.

(4-8-2022). The ‘Cadaqués Nord enllà’ crossing, in which six sailboats have participated, concluded this afternoon at 2:15 p.m. in the French town of Valras Plage. The expeditionaries have been “very happy and satisfied with the lived and shared experience”.

The ‘Catalunya Nord enllà’ crossing by sailboat ended today at Valras Plage. In total, the six skaters have covered 87.4 miles in five days, being today Thursday, the day in which the expedition members have made one of the shortest stages in distance (from Gruissan to Valrans they have made 11.62 miles) and the fastest, since it has been just over two hours that they have needed to go through them. A northeasterly wind which, at the beginning, was about 8-9 knots but which has finally increased to about 15 knots has allowed them to navigate a closed beam at good speed, despite the prevailing swell.


Upon their arrival at Valras Plage, the skaters were received with great enthusiasm by the children’s trainees from the sailing school in this town. Precisely, one of the monitors of the same, a Catalan, has been enthusiastic about the ‘landing’ of the six skates and has requested permission from one of the skaters to walk his students with the skate.

According to David Gracia, from Sant Antoni de Calonge, the monitor has assured them that he would love to have a sailboat at the school, that he has requested it several times from the school’s management but that the request has not prospered, alleging that ‘the skid is a very expensive boat’.

Without a doubt, it will be necessary to see if it would be feasible to open a skating ‘branch’ in Valrans.

The students of the Valras Plage sailing school wanted to know first-hand what it feels like to sail on a sailboat.


All the expeditionaries have expressed themselves “very happy and very satisfied” with the experience “lived and shared”. The skater from the Club Nautic Sitges, David Pérez, has described the crossing as a “resounding success”.

Both David Gracia and David Pérez have agreed to feel “very lucky” for the good weather they have had every day of the journey, for what they have learned in terms of maneuvering with the skate, for how resistant the boat is and how it adapts to the different conditions, as well as for its easy, light and fast rigging.


On the fact that it was not possible to reach the final destination planned for the crossing, which, initially, was set at La Grande Motte beach, but finally, it was learned that it was a little further south, specifically at the Meze Yacht Club, David Gracia has summed it up by saying: “this crossing was Cadaqués Nord enllà. The ‘Nord enllà’ has ended up being Valrans. It seems to us a fantastic end for everything we have lived and navigated to get here.

The expedition members have also agreed to congratulate the promoter of the journey, the journalist and writer Daniel Romaní. “His initiative has been wonderful and it has been fantastic that he wanted to share it with us,” said David Pérez.

The expedition members have also positively highlighted “the cohesion of the group and the ability of its members to adapt based on common interests”. David Pérez added that “we have agreed that a group of six is ​​the perfect fleet for a journey of this type. It is a number that allows quick organization and that, at sea, makes it easier to sail in canned.”

The expeditionaries have concluded this experience wanting to live new adventures. They have proposed to Daniel RomNi that if this year the crossing has been ‘Cadaqués Nord enllà’ because of the end of his journey last year, next year it could be ‘Cases d’Alcanar sud enllà’ because of the starting point of that journey.

We will see what is decided. What is certain is that if there is a new crossing, CMDsport will be with its protagonists because, as the president of the Associació Patí Català Calafell, Pere Bertran, always says, “sailing skate is much more than regattas”.

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