The best of innovative Switzerland arrives in Milan, the one you don’t expect


Always close, Italia e Swiss, have they never really understood each other? Do these two neighboring countries know each other? And if so, what do they think of each other? To ask these questions – legitimate, if you think that in Switzerland there are about 80 thousand cross-border commuters and that 300 thousand Italians live across the border and 35 thousand Swiss live in Italy – it was precisely the neutral country par excellence, the only one that has a square flag and not. rectangular like everyone else, known for chocolate, mountains, cheese with holes and each other stereotype come to mind. From the answers came the idea of House of Switzerland – an itinerant house that has already made a stop in Stuttgart last year – a meeting place where to talk about the lesser known version of the country.

It is a temporary networking and communication platform that promotes Switzerland’s visibility in important neighboring regions and strengthens and develops relations with European partners. The House is an incubator to discuss new cooperation and common perspectives in the neighboring country.

Cos’è House of Switzerland?

A Milano so, from 26 April to 12 June 2022we will have the opportunity to discover another Switzerland thanks to meetings focused on the themes ofinnovationof the sustainabilitydell’until and of culture. The location chosen is not accidental: it is in the central district of Breraof the House of artists which, although young, is already a point of reference in Milan for those who love to deepen and not remain on the surface of the world of art and thought in general.

The purpose, for all scheduled events, is to be that of create valuable connections and relationships between two neighboring countries, of exchange best practices in areas where both excel, also due to their fruitful collaborations. Many have worked for such an ambitious project: “House of Switzerland” is the result of the entire “Team Switzerland”: in addition to Presenza Switzerland, the Swiss Embassy in Rome and the Swiss Consulate General in Milan in collaboration with strategic partners in Switzerland Tourism, Switzerland Global Enterprise / Swiss Business Hub Italy and Pro Helvetia.

House of Switzerland at the Casa degli Artisti in Milan from April 26, 2022 © Casa deggli Artisti

What will happen in this house?

A pleasant place in the city center to meet people and exchange ideas. Inspired by the popular concept of pop up shops, House of Switzerland, albeit temporary, it will be an open place in Milan because, even as virtual platforms are becoming more and more important, experience has shown that there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings and on-site experiences. This happy return to the old ways is already an incentive to participate. But concretely, what will we find at the Casa degli Artisti from April 26, 2022? Over 30 events between exhibitions, debates, lectures, workshops that will tell the story of the country starting from areas hitherto little explored and known, especially by the Italian public.

House of Switzerland House of Switzerland Milan, via Tommaso da Cazzaniga from 26 April 2022 © Casa deggli Artisti

For a Switzerland of knowledge

It is not immediate to approach Switzerland to the theme of “research and development”, but the country invests a lot – almost 3.4 per cent of its gross domestic product and with remarkable results: a fundamental asset therefore worth talking about, as will be done in many of the meetings in House of Switzerland. Among the aspects to consider is international cooperation precisely in the field of research: Switzerland has a very high degree of internationalization and participates in some of the most important research programs. Which?

The CERN of Geneva

For example the Cernthe European Center for Nuclear Research, which is based in Geneva, ensures cooperation between European states in the field of nuclear and particle physics and promotes cutting-edge research in the field of high-energy physics with its particle accelerator – Large Hadron Collider LHC. We like to remember it right at this historical moment because CERN is a creature of Unesco that has been working since 1956 to understand the universe and generates science for peace. It is a model of how we can collaborate for excellence between states, cultures and scientists from all over the world. Also for this reason, from 8 March 2022 Russia has been excluded from collaborations and projects.

ESA, the European Space Agency

Switzerland also collaborates withEsa (European Space Agency), especially in projects dedicated to the prevention of natural and technological disasters and toEureka, an initiative through which industries and research institutes in European countries and the European Commission develop and exploit technologies that are vital for global competitiveness and a better quality of life.

Cern, SwitzerlandCern, Acceleratore di particelle – Large Hadron Collider LHC © Ronald Patrick/Getty Images

The OECD, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

Another Swiss plus? The data OECD, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, speak for themselves: Switzerland ranks first in terms of education expenditure per student. This economic effort is then transformed into an offer of university and superior quality especially for those who decide to train in Switzerland and, in turn, in excellence in both people and projects. It is especially noticeable when visiting the two Swiss Federal Polytechnics: theEth in Zurich and theEpfl of Lausanne. Here students have the opportunity to put the received notions into practice, an example? There Student proget house dell’Eth is a space built for the thriving creative community within the polytechnic where students gather, experiment, test concepts, enhance group projects and build the ideas of tomorrow, many of them aimed at sustainability and its environmental applications.

Thanks to spaces for sharing, exchanges of ideas, the support of tutors and funding opportunities, the SPH offers student projects a springboard to make an impact in the real world. Within a vast laboratory run by students, tools and machines are made available for their projects, which thus have what they need to create a real prototype. In this way an idea born here is also effectively brought to fruition and tested. Many have passed the entire process and have reached commercialization: of the best you can attend the presentations at the House of Switzerland in Milan.

Eth ZurigoETH Zurich Student Project House © Eth

House of Switzerland, events

Almost two months of appointments among which we have chosen our unmissable ones, inviting you, however, to periodically consult the program online to stay up to date. It begins at House of artists – via Tommaso da Cazzaniga, corner, corso Garibaldi, 89 / A – on April 26, the day of the inauguration, at 6:30 pm with Meet the media guru – Swiss edition: born from an already existing format, created by Meetthe first Italian center of digital art and culture, based in Milan, will this time be the protagonist Luca Maria Gambardella – Vice rector for innovation and business relations of Usi, Università della Svizzera italiana, who takes us on a fascinating journey where science becomes art and helps us reflect on the relationship between human beings and machines, inviting us to discover evolution future of artificial intelligence. To register for the event, free of charge, here.

To get into the House of Switzerland mood it is good to participate on April 27th at 19:00 a Swiss Innovation Ecosystem meets Mind (to register here), a round table that offers the opportunity to hear authoritative voices on the topics of innovation and sustainability and to learn about Swiss and Italian case studies of innovation, exploring possible common future developments.

House of Switzerland will also intersect with an event deeply felt by the Milanese, the Design week which will be held from 6 to 12 June and which will see the House of artists transform into the house of Swiss design. In collaboration with Pro Helvetia and various Swiss universities and art academies – the Haute École d’Arts Appliqués, (Head), the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne (Ecal), the two Federal Polytechnics, the School Professional University of Lucerne (HSLU) – as well as with the Swiss Institute of Milan and several partners from the private sector, House of Switzerland will host an exhibition on the theme Living Spaces. On this occasion a new generation of Swiss designers will present their work, focusing on the effects of social, ecological and technological changes on our living spaces.

Even the internal “Degustazione” bistro during the whole event will be unconventional: for a different break it will offer a gastronomy that is committed and responsible towards the community and the environment. You will find dishes enriched with wild, aromatic and medicinal herbs: for an unforgettable taste experience.

House of Switzerland promises to be one house of Swiss knowledge but above all a hymn and a praise to the collaboration with neighboring Italy. All very far from the stereotypes of Italians on the Swiss Confederation that Presence Switzerland – the reality that promotes the country’s image abroad wants to fade. Well done, well.

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