The best extensions to download videos in Chrome


We live in an age where we love to watch videos, practically all internet content can be found in this format. On some occasions we may need or want to save one that we have seen and it can be very useful. What should we do? Choose between any of the best extensions for Download videos on Chrome, in this way we can easily save them on our computer.

Extensions to download videos in Chrome

Some of these extensions to download videos from Chrome, have programs for desktops that simply improve their characteristics considerably. The most advisable thing would be that you were testing each of these until reaching a conclusion.

Video DownloadHelper

Possibly one of the most popular video download extensions that we are going to find on the list. It has features that make it really useful: it is free, simple to use, and very reliable. We simply go to the page where the video is located, click on the add-on and choose a format along with the resolution at which we want to download it. The extension takes care of the rest. Another very interesting thing that it has is a video converter that will help us change the format of these in case we want to play them on other devices.

Professional Video Downloader

The only bad thing about Video Downloader Professional is that the free version is quite limited.

In the case of Video Downloader Professional, it is a plugin for Chrome that is responsible for detecting and downloading the videos. We can access the plugin menu and click next to the video title in the content list. It is too easy to use. The only problem is that it does not have support for YouTube videos, another small problem is that the extension is not completely free, which means that we will have some other limitation if we do not go through the box.

Easy Video Downloader

Downloading videos has never been easier than with Easy Video Downloader.

In the case of Easy Video Downloader, we find an application that has advanced features and is even capable of being configured for use with third-party download managers such as IDM. This is a good thing because sometimes if the main plugin fails, we can trust IDM, in this case. In fact, in our experiments, Easy Video Downloader had trouble detecting videos on Facebook and Twitter. However, thanks to IDM we were able to detect and download them quickly.

Neat Download Manager

Neat Download Manager makes it easy for you to download videos.

One of the best, definitely. We could say that Neat Download Manager is at a very similar level to XDM and IDM. It is possible to download videos from most websites, although it does not work with YouTube. But this is a limitation of the Google Chrome store, the Firefox extension does not have this problem. We can get it NDM for Chrome from here or go to their website.

Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager.

We could say that it is even a good replacement for the download manager that is built into Chrome. Turbo Download Manager has a fairly well designed interface to manage downloads in general. Multi-threaded support is enabled by default, this helps the download process. Best of all, thanks to the context menu, it is possible to detect images and audio and video content for download.

Internet Download Manager

IDM is one of the most famous and oldest extensions to download videos from Chrome and any web browser.

If we have to talk about downloading content from the internet, whatever it may be, then we have to talk about Internet Download Manager, one of the best programs to download. IDM has a browser extension called IDM Integration Module. Ideally, we have the program installed on our computer and the extension. In this way we can download images, files, music, videos, basically anything you can think of. It is a problem with many years behind it, many updates and a strong community behind it. When we are on a website that contains a video, we can see the “Download video” button, by clicking on it we will have the possibility to choose between different formats and resolutions. The Chrome extension can be downloaded from here and the problem from its official website.

Xtreme Download Manager

One of the best extensions to download videos from Chrome

Thanks to Xtreme Download Manager we can download videos from most websites, including YouTube. The plugin works in a similar way to IDM, we will simply click on the download button that appears and wait for XDM to look for the files to download. We even have the ability to convert these files into other formats. We can download the Chrome extension from this link and we will also have to download the desktop client from its website. Share it with your friends!

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