The 2022 Catalan Cup starts the registration process



Poster for the 2022 Catalan Cup, which this year shares a name with the ‘Micacu’ Grand Prix trophy, Cesc Albà Memorial, sponsored by the Pol Viatges agency.

(12-4-2022). The 2022 Catalan Cup will pay a special tribute this year to the member of the organizing club of this edition, Francesc Albá, skipper of the Micacu sailing skate and who died in September last year, precisely coinciding with the celebration of the 2021 Catalan Cup at the Swimming Club Barcelona. It is now possible to register for the competition.

The Club Natació Badalona, ​​organizer of the Catalan Cup 2022, will pay a heartfelt tribute this year to its member Francesc Albà, founder of the Pol Viatges agency and patron skater of the ‘Micacu’ who died in September last year. From the Club Natació Badalona they have highlighted in the announcement of the regatta of this 2022 Catalan Cup for senior sailing that this year, said competition “will have the added incentive of sharing a name with the ‘Micacu’ Grand Prix trophy, Cesc Albà Memorial, sponsored by Pol Viatges. From now on, this trophy will be part of the official calendar of the class, with the aim of making it a new benchmark in the annual calendar of the class”.


In a very unique and heartfelt introduction that appears in the announcement of the races for this Catalan Cup 2022, Cesc Albá is defined as “inveterate skater, loyal friend, tireless worker, always ready to help and join the collective effort. Discouragement was not part of his vital repertoire. Faced with any difficulty in life, his recurring phrase was “Endavant, semper endavant!”. This is, then, our tribute that we want to be that of all and all skaters.


The Catalan Cup, as usual, will have two sleeves, whose attention signal, both on Saturday, April 30, and on Sunday, May 1, is scheduled at 1:00 p.m.

The trophy will be valid even when only one event is played.

Registration has a starting price of 10 euros, although this price is subject to changes depending on the type of registration that the participant wishes to make. The range ranges from the aforementioned 10 euros to 40 euros “or more” (see regatta announcement at the end of this information).

Online registration payment will be open until April 27, 2022 at 12 noon. The organization will be able to admit inscriptions until April 30 at 12 noon, although with a penalty of 5 more euros.

Payment must be made by bank transfer to an account number that appears in the Announcement of Regatta and the following must be indicated as the concept of said payment: Catalan Cup + Skipper name + sail number.

You can also pay in person at the club’s offices.

The registration form will be filled out on the same day, April 30, at the entity.

Announcement of regatta of the Catalan Cup 2022 for senior sailing skate

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