Supera temporarily closes swimming pools in 10 centers to reduce energy costs



Supera closes its swimming pools to combat the increase in energy costs

(11-3-2022) The Supera gym chain, managed by Sidecu, has announced the temporary closure of 20 swimming pools in 10 of its sports centers in order to cope with the rise in energy costs registered in recent days. The teaching does not set, for now, a date to reopen them.

“We have endured this brutal rise in energy costs as long as we could. We know that it is an unpopular measure and that it generates a cost for us (complaints, casualties), but it is necessary because we cannot assume much more of these costs. Thank you for your opinion, greetings”. This is the response that Supera, a chain of gyms and sports centers, is providing today to users who complain about the closure of some swimming pools announced by the chain and which comes into force as of this Friday, March 11.

The chain, for now, has not announced when it will reopen. “This situation will continue in the face of the unaffordable energy costs that we have had to face in recent months, and that will continue and/or worsen in the years to come,” they point out from the chain. Everything will depend on the costs of energy consumption, a situation that could last several weeks or even months. “It is a very volatile external situation that we do not handle,” company sources lament. CMDsport, in fact, already warned this Friday that some large brands were studying temporary closures of swimming pools due to the energy increase.


As this medium has learned, the temporary closure of the chain managed by Sidecu affects some 20 heated swimming pools out of a total of 10 concession sports centers in Supera. It is not ruled out that some more may join them in the coming days. “We close the most inefficient centers from the energy point of view, some of which have old boilers,” they explain from Supera. The chain warns that current consumption multiplies by 1,000%, in some cases, what was in 2019 and by 300% than in 2021. “We have no choice but to close these spaces, despite being the first interested in open”, lament from the chain.

Supera will stop heating the affected pools for the duration of this closure, which affects all the water areas of these centers. In some cases, carrying out maintenance work taking advantage of this break is not ruled out. The teaching hopes to receive understanding from the municipalities. “They cannot force us to pay certain money because we would make losses and they would have to compensate us. They are unaffordable consumption ”, they warn from Supera.

The chain, in total, manages 30 facilities under the Supera concession regime brand and 14 with the Supera 24 hours label). In the latest centers built, they point out, they make very high investments in terms of energy efficiency. Supera has heated pools in 29 of the 30 concession centers. The only one that does not have any is the Torre de Hércules municipal golf course. The other 29 facilities bring together a total of 57 heated pools.

The closures affect, for now, the water areas (heated pools and spa) of the Supera Santander CDs; CD Rías do Sur; CD José Ramón de la Morena; CD Fuentenueva; CD Overcomes Mostoles; CD Parla Este; CDO Eras de Renueva; CDO Azcarraga; CD José Luis Talamillo and CDM Jairo Ruiz – District 6. The measure therefore affects 35% of the pools in the chain.


Despite these closures, which will only affect water areas, the chain will continue to provide the rest of the services normally. From Supera they claim that they have “always” provided “an optimal service”, but they regret that the negative effects of the pandemic, together with the “runaway” energy prices, “aggravated by recent events”, force them to adopt this temporary measure, they consider to be the “most beneficial for our clients”.

The chain has announced that in the coming weeks it will return the proportional part of the courses that were being taught. “We thank all our customers for their loyalty and, as soon as the situation returns to normal parameters, we will return to providing all services in an integral way,” they point out from the chain.

From Supera they claim to welcome the initiative promoted by Fneid to create a joint purchasing center to acquire a greater volume of energy at a better price. “We would value the option. Any company will be willing to improve these energy costs if we can negotiate better conditions”, they sentence.

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