Sunak emulates Truss to avoid his defeat


Sunak tests the catering during an act of the Conservatives held this Saturday in Winchester / reuters

The former British minister approaches the tax proposals of his rival, favorite of the conservative militancy, who this week will receive the keys to start voting for Boris Johnson’s successor

The final phase of the electoral process to appoint a successor to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson begins this week with the reception by members of the Conservative Party of the keys that will allow them to access electronic voting. The current Minister for Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss, remains the clear favorite to become the next head of government.

It is estimated that there are some 160,000 members of the Conservative Party, which does not publish the exact figure, despite the fact that this segment of the population (around 0.3% of the electoral roll) plays a very important role in the governance of the country. Experts believe that the militant ‘tories’ will vote in the coming days, without waiting for the conclusion of the debate calendar.

If the members of the party have already decided their vote, everything indicates that Truss will be the chosen one. His rival, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, has relaunched his campaign by promising a four point cut in the lowest income tax rate – from 21% to 20% in 2024 and from 20% to 17% in the next nine years. years.

course changes

Sunak has stated to the BBC that this promise is not opportunistic, but consistent with his plans. In the past week, he has had to invoke prudence and morality to criticize Truss, because the current context of high inflation is not the right one to reduce around 30,000 million taxes, as he promises, or increase the debt so that the Future generations pay.

Sunak seems to have lost the argument. Acting Finance Minister Nadhim Zahawi has made public his support for Truss, comparing his optimism to Sunak’s “fatalism.” Other current and former cabinet members have joined. The Minister of Culture, Nadine Dorris, who accuses Sunak of carrying out “a coup” has published an image of Sunak stabbing Johnson, in the style of Brutus and Julius Caesar.

Sunak’s campaign changes direction every day. If today is the emulation of Truss in cutting taxes, last Saturday it was a commitment to do battle with the current form of political correctness, or “woke” culture, on racism, sex or imperialism. The candidate vowed to take on “left-wing agitators” to protect “British freedoms.”

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