Stumble Guys, a new game that could beat Fall Guys


Those who are fans of mobile games have surely heard about Stumble Guys in recent weeks, a game created from the premise of Fall Guys and that according to statistics could take the throne away from this predecessor.

The game created by the game developer Kitka Games, of Finnish origin, now has one of the top positions in download volume within the Apple and Google app stores, accumulating a total of 163 million downloads so far of writing this article.

This game was actually released just a few months after the release of Fall Guys in 2020, but it wasn’t until this year that it was able to accumulate the success it has today. But, although this game has many similarities with Fall Guys, developed by Mediatonic, the key to its popularity today is due to the fact that it was created to be played through mobile devices, which facilitates access to it.

This is not the first time that a mobile version has performed better than its original version, as we have already seen the example of other classic games in the entertainment industry, such as online casino games, which have far surpassed its original and computer versions given the easy access to them through the mobile phone.

In addition, you can always get more information about them, especially with regard to the lists of the best promotions of the most important bookmakers in the world, which helps the user to create better strategies to play and thus get the best benefits.

The same thing has also happened with the now famous Stumble Guys, of which a series of lists have been created throughout the network with the best tricks and game guides to be able to beat the rest of the opponents against whom one faces within this virtual world, making this experience one of the most fun mobile game options currently in the app stores. But this success is not only reflected on mobile devices, but can now also be seen on consoles, since as of June 21 this game was made free on some gaming devices such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X / S and PS5. This decision has allowed the game to accumulate an approximate of 21.5 million dollars in earnings so far.

Until now, this obstacle course game boasts of having approximately 18 million users per day and could have an impact like the one that some titles like Among Us had at the time, as it is also an excellent game to connect with others users and compete side by side to overcome all the obstacles that make this game one of the most fun options to have a good time of leisure and entertainment.

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