Sportmadness opens a new line of business focused on the B2B channel



Sportmadness opens to the B2B channel to seek synergies with companies

(12-9-2022) Sportmadness opens a new line of business focused on the B2B channel. The sports franchise company offers other companies to open a franchise under its brand-label. A strategy through which they hope to speed up their expansion.

Sportmadness diversifies its business. After taking its first steps at the hands of entrepreneurs who decided to become franchisees, the Spanish company goes one step further and launches its B2B franchise model throughout the world. The objective of Sportmadness is to increase the spectrum of possible interested parties in expanding their network of franchises throughout the planet.

The brand, in fact, has already closed two important agreements with two companies, Latitud 90 (active tourism in Chile) and Proeduco (educational services in Spain). Both have placed their trust in a company that is looking for alliances with other companies that help professionalize its activity in the sector or diversify its business and enter a growing industry. According to a study by Reseachandmarkets, this sector will generate more than 350 billion dollars in 2030.

Sportmadness is looking for sporting and/or corporate event companies, education companies, sports marketing agencies, sports facilities, active tourism agencies and any other company whose current structure wants to have the potential to offer the best sports services in its region. .

As Alejandro García, CEO of Sportmadness points out, “our sector is very heterogeneous and we want to build a global leader that will achieve economies of scale that allow each of our franchisees to offer the best services efficiently and competitively to achieve best possible return for their business.

From the company they consider that this B2B franchise model offers other companies the opportunity to minimize risks and find new growth opportunities by going hand in hand with their experience and scope.

In addition, García highlights “we believe that if we all work together, the impact on the end customer will be very positive and we will achieve more solid businesses for each franchisee at the local level, generating more sustainable companies in the long term and with quality employment. , something necessary in the sector, where almost all companies are very small and this limits their growth”.

Some of the requirements that Sportmadness demands from companies that want to join this program is having invoiced more than €100,000 in the previous year, having at least one full-time person for the development of the franchise and the firm will to want to build a strong and growing business that can be a regional leader in the sector.

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