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Soltec, a company specialized in vertically integrated solutions in the photovoltaic solar energy sector, has been promoting the development of the photovoltaic sector for 18 years. Committed to innovation and offering the best products to the market, last year it launched SFOne, its solar tracker with 1P technology.

Santiago de Chile.- According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) solar power is on track to set a record for new global deployments from 2022, with an average of 125 GW of new capacity planned globally between 2021 and 2025. In fact, According to the agency, it is already the cheapest energy among renewables. For these and other reasons, photovoltaic is on its way to becoming the leading renewable energy due to its rapid development in recent years and the low cost of its development.

In this context, there are several companies that have been betting on the development of the photovoltaic sector for some time. One of them is Soltec, a company specialized in vertically integrated solutions in the photovoltaic solar energy sector.

This company, which was founded by its CEO Raúl Morales, has been offering the most cutting-edge products to the market for 18 years due to its commitment to innovation. Said commitment has led it to be the third global supplier of solar trackers in the accumulated and to have an international presence in countries on five continents, of which it is the leader mainly in Spain, Chile and Brazil.

In its long career of innovative products, the most recent is its follower SFOne, which it launched in 2021 in response to market demand. With this new model, Soltec recovered its commitment to 1P technology, which it already developed in 2009 with its follower SA Series. SFOne is made up of two rows connected to a single axis and has been specially designed for longer modules, 72 and 78 cells. Likewise, it is self-powered thanks to its dedicated module; which translates into a lower operational cost. In addition, it has the most advanced technology, Dy-Wind, which presents the most advanced methodology for the design of wind resistant tracking structures, and the optimization of the Diffuse Booster system for low light conditions.

The company, which is positioned as a benchmark in the sector, also decided to enter the field of distributed generation in 2021 with the launch of Solarfighter. This is the first complete kit made up of the product and the comprehensive service for the start-up of photovoltaic projects with solar trackers for distributed generation plants of up to 12 MW.

“Innovation is part of Soltec’s DNA. This is a value that is intrinsic to all our products and actions of the company, and we can do this thanks to the investment we make in R+D+i and the team of professionals we have who work constantly to develop technology. most cutting-edge that offers the market solar trackers that adapt to all terrains and that have an efficiency above the market”, explained Raúl Morales, CEO of Soltec.

The constancy in the investigation of new ways to improve the photovoltaic sector has led Soltec to be a clear reference in the sector. If we look at the data we see that, since its inception, it has supplied trackers for projects with a total of 11.8 GW to date and expects its product to have a 40% penetration rate by 2025.

It should be noted that Soltec, in line with its commitment to the environment and its constant study of how to apply innovation to this end, has launched “ecovoltaic”. This new concept encompasses a series of requirements that certify that the development of photovoltaic plants achieves a harmonious balance between the economic and social development of local communities and the preservation and care of the environment. In this way, Soltec undertakes to guarantee the implementation of the circular economy, the criteria of respect and integration of the environment and biodiversity (agrovoltaics, landscape integration, etc.) and the national compensation of the carbon footprint in the plants it develops. , for example.

Entrepreneurship as a driver of innovation

Soltec sees innovation as the core of the business, and this has led it to achieve recognition and a penetration rate of 20% of its products. In addition, it has more than 35 international patents and about 65 pending approval, which it develops through Soltec Innovations.

In line with this spirit, at the end of 2021 Soltec launched Aurora, its project accelerator with which the company seeks to promote innovative projects that fight climate change through renewable energies. Aimed at financing projects that improve the field of clean energy and the photovoltaic sector, Soltec intends to create with the accelerator a technological ecosystem and global companies focused on developing the power plants of the future by integrating tools such as Iot and robotics, cloud computing, cybersecurity , blockchain, digital manufacturing, machine learning, AI and structural design genetic algorithms.

The creation of Aurora demonstrates once again that Soltec moves within innovation. Soltec is a pioneer in the development of technology and advanced algorithms for solar tracking, especially in one-axis and bifacial trackers, as well as in the integration of technologies such as mesh networks, parasitic self-feeding, or the Internet of Things ( IoT). The drive for innovation must also come from the heart of large companies, both because of their investment in R&D&i, and because of their commitment to society and, therefore, the work of companies that are committed to bringing this value to a next level supporting entrepreneurial projects that help promote the energy transition clearly becomes a differential and a necessity to achieve the society we aspire to be in the future.

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