Skechers presents the novelties in working shoe


Skechers presents the novelties in working shoe

In numerous work spaces, the rigidity that was previously imposed on clothing has been definitively displaced and sports shoes are opted for, such as this Skechers model.

(23-9-2022). From Skechers they explain how are the new trends that have managed to destroy the dress codes that were imposed in the professional field for years. Sneakers are no longer just for sports and casual wear.

Currently, sneakers are used for everything, even to go to the office, where in some spaces they have managed to definitively displace the rigidity that was previously imposed on outfits. The versatility, functionality and, above all, comfort of good sneakers make them the perfect option to keep up with our crazy daily rhythm… without suffering the torture that sometimes comes with wearing more formal footwear, they say from Skechers.

Skechers proposals are able to please and at the same time meet the demands of everyday life, keep up with the busy meetings, events and visits… and make it hard for us to remember that time when we wore heels to work .

Once we have welcomed “sneakers into the working environment, the best thing is that other somewhat less minimalist and discreet proposals are also suitable for after-work, weekends, getaways and leisure time, when we can give unleash the passion for colors, luxury details such as glitter or trendy prints”, they add.


White, black, grey, camel or nude (or their combinations between them) are the pantone options for those who are going to work in sneakers and want a sober and functional style.

The Big Appeal model from the Skechers Arch Fit collection, with its removable Arch Fit insole, which offers podiatrist-certified plantar arch support, is a secret weapon to succeed every day at work. In addition, the Uno family proposes two models of furious trend: Uno, Stand on Air and Uno, Shimmer Away, which also offer maximum comfort for the work routine, thanks to its Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam® insole, and its 100% trend design featuring its visible air chamber.


We also open the wardrobe to other more fun models, with striking colors and groundbreaking prints, to create all the weekend looks that most appeal to you, according to the plan.

The monochromatic and patterned proposals of the Uno family, personalized with the multicolored hearts of the famous artist James Goldcrown; and the kwaii fantasy of the models decorated by Tokidoki, in addition to the vibrant and resounding colors of the Arch Fit – Big Appeal model will allow you to enjoy your plans knowing you are the coolest, without giving up the legendary Skechers comfort.

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