Singular WOD renews the best crossfitter in Spain, Oihana Moya


Singular WOD renews the best crossfitter in Spain, Oihana Moya

In the image, Valentina Rangel and Oihana Moya.

(25-5-2022). The cross-training and fitness equipment brand, Singular WOD, once again bets on Oihana Moya, Fittest in Spain 2021. As a novelty, the Colombian Valentina Rangel joins the Singular WOD athletes staff by The Fittest Managers.

Cross training is one of the sports practices that most increases its number of followers, with Spain being one of the countries with the most crossfit boxes in Europe. In this sense, Singular WOD, the reference sports brand in the cross training and fitness sector, works to raise the prestige of the industry through sponsorships of young promises from the national and international scene and official competitions.

With this announcement, Singular WOD redoubles its commitment to promoting an activity that still does not know how far it can go. In this 2022, the sports equipment brand has also announced the renewal of Xabi Osa and Bea Allo and the incorporation of Inaxio Illarramendi.


Alberto Martín, head of Marketing at Singular WOD, states that “we work every day to promote Crossfit and we strive so that great athletes can continue to grow and dedicate themselves exclusively to improving their abilities. These sponsorships help to professionalize the sector and that the little ones always have a reference to look at. We are very happy with this announcement, we have a group of athletes who, in addition to being TOP in Spain and Europe, are great people, the values ​​of our brand are and must be much more than a victory, our legacy will be that with these actions we have encouraged more people to practice a discipline that helps them stay healthy and fit.” Both Oihana and Valentina belong to The Fittest Managers, the first representation agency for CrossFit athletes in Spain.

“We are proud that one of the most prestigious brands with the longest history in Spain, such as Singular Wod, continues to trust our Fittest 2021 athlete Oihana Moya. In addition, we were happy to learn that Singular Wod was committed to being next to one of the athletes, who has burst onto the international scene with force, such as Valentina Rangel. The support of brands like this is essential for the growth of athletes and this sport”- Luis Carlos Fernández/ The Fittest Managers Team.

The announcement comes at a very important moment for both athletes since both have sneaked into the Semifinals, the final phase of the qualifier for the Crossfit Games, the most important competition in the world and that each year names the fittest man and woman in the world. . Oihana will fight against the best athletes in Europe and Valentina will do the same, but competing against the best athletes in South America.

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