Shooting drills for beginners


Basketball moves and skills can be improved by practice and more practice. Several basketball drills are present in our collection of basketball instructional videos. In these training videos, a basketball expert will instruct you how to practice certain drills and what strategy should be followed to breakdown a certain move. In basketball, there are many moves that are used while playing such as passing, dribbling, shooting, ball handling and finishing moves. There is a varying variety of drills for each of these different moves. So, if you think that you are tired of practicing the same boring drills in your training. Have our instructional videos for fun drills and refresh your workout plans.

How basketball drills are beneficial to players?

Drills are basically some specific workout steps that helps players supplementing their physical moves and upgrading their agility and quickness. When basketball players practice these drills while their workout session it helps them developing their movements. As we all know basketball is a game of moves, which can be either footwork, or ball handling or shooting moves. All these different moves are developed and improved by bringing some drills in your practice schedule. So, if you are feeling low at some point, don’t be disappointed. We have designed a whole collection of training videos to help players.

 Shooting drills for beginners

Shooting is the fundamental and one of the important skill in basketball. One might say it as the main focus of the game. In our section of shooting drills for beginners, you will be able to work on catch and shoot to off the dribble shooting drills. There are many other shooting moves as well. All these moves can be improved by various shooting drills. With these shooting drills players will also be able to work on different positions such as post and guard based positions. Hence, these drills will help players to develop their overall game.

The drills that are precisely workable for shooting moves are included in our collection of basketball instructional videos. Each drill will work for a different basketball move. Therefore, if you want to enhance your shooting abilities, buy our collection of basketball training videos. You will surely get benefit from these training videos. Shooting drills that works for beginners are

  1. Form shooting drill for starters
  2. Three spot shooting drill
  3. Shooting layups- the basics
  4. Shooting basics for youth basketball

All these are fundamental and basic training drills for beginners. These drills are neither too difficult nor too easy to practice. But, if you have the video in front of you, you will not face any barrier in performing the drill the right way. Practicing the drill accurately is very important. Because, there is no use of practicing drill, if it is not practiced the right way. So, be careful with practicing basketball drills to get benefitted.


Shooting is one of the basic part of basketball game. If the players of a basketball team are skillful in shooting and other moves as well, nothing can stop them from scoring high and winning more championships.

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