Sewing machine repair – Step by step guide


Sewing machine repair is an issue which involves a lot of technical knowledge as well as experience. In order to repair the machine, it is essential that the owner does not only know how to handle the machine but also the different functions that the machine has.

To know how to repair a sewing machine? There are several ways of doing so but the most important is to get the help of a specialist. In this article, I will tell you how to repair a sewing machine? Read Ahead to Find Out!

Step 01: Look for an old machine for parts :

One way to do it is to buy a used machine for parts. This is a great option as it does not cost too much money and the machine is still fully functional. A buyer can also choose a machine that was purchased at a thrift store. But if it is really old, he should consider getting a brand-new sewing machine.

Step 02: Figure out why the sewing macing is not working

If the machine does not function properly, the owner must not use it at all. The first thing he should do is try to discover the problem with the machine. If the machine still works fine, the owner must find out how the problem occurs and how to repair it.

Step 03: Inspect different parts of the machine

As we know, there are different parts of the machine that must be inspected and repaired. These parts include the needles, the deck and the rollers. Sewing machines with needle deck and rollers, in turn, have the wheel on the outside. You have to find out what part of the machine is broken.

Step 04: Know what part of the machine is broken

Once you know what part of the machine is broken, you have to find a replacement. Take a look at the original repair manual and take a look at the machine’s operation manual. Find out how to repair it properly.

Step 05: Type of your machine

Another question which you have to ask yourself is whether the machine can be repaired or not. Usually, it depends on the type of machine and the kind of work that you perform. But even then, the quality of the repair will be depending on the skill of the technician who will fix the machine.

Step 06: Search for a technician

The next thing that you need to do is to search for a technician who can fix the machine. Ask around and compare the prices. As a first step, you can check local forums to find out whether the person is good at repairing machines.

Step 07: Where to go if it’s out of your league

Ask friends and family members if they know a professional who can repair the sewing machine. In fact, you can also ask friends who had repaired before or who still practicing.

Step 08: Look for a sewing machine repair shop

If you cannot find one in your locality, you can ask people who still have a sewing machine to recommend a friend or relative. Also, ask for the name of a sewing machine repair shop from local web sites. They usually sell their products in these web sites.

Step 09: Ask for a repair manual

After you find someone who can fix your sewing machine, the other thing you need to do is to take the machine for the required maintenance. The owner of the machine should be able to give you a repair manual. The manual will also contain information about the parts of the machine and the cleaning procedure.

Step 10: Lend a machine from your friend for inspecting defective parts

If you want to know how to repair a sewing machine by yourself? Ask a friend who uses a sewing machine to lend you his or her machine. So, you can inspect the defective parts by your self, if the machine is repairable replace the defective parts to a new one. Just ensure that you buy a machine that has a maintenance manual.

Hola! In this way, you can successfully repair sewing machine hassle-free

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