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Are you looking for background music? Then here you will find important tips for usage as well as a playlist with royalty-free songs for private and commercial use. Seven Skies Music offers royalty electronic music for free and also cover various topics related to music usage on my blog. In today’s blog article I would like to give you an overview of what needs to be considered when using background music for videos and where you can find the perfect music for you. I get my knowledge from sources on the subject of copyright and from my daily work with royalty-free music. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me by email.

Superior effect

The effect of film music is a topic in itself. As a video creator, the question that arises at the beginning is whether the music you want should be more supportive or thrilling? Example: For a tutorial video or a stream, a rather simply structured and calm song is recommended, which is in the background and can therefore give the human voice enough space. In the case of a promotional video, on the other hand, in which tension is to be built up, the music can come to the fore much more dominantly.

Select mood

An important task of music is to capture the mood of images. So that a video can work as desired, the selection of the background music should be carefully considered. In action-packed scenes, dramatic music that is dynamic and energetic is ideal. If you want to create a romantic mood, on the other hand, soulful strings or emotional piano music are suitable.

Choose target group

Another point for choosing the right background music is to think about which target group you want to address and which music or music style can be helpful. For example, home-conscious viewers will tend to be less enthusiastic about metal music. Royalty music library is very versatile: from dramatic pieces to soulful sounds, there is a large selection here. It is important that it fits the video and its message.

Obtain usage rights

The next step to suitable background music for videos is to clarify the legal situation. Simply putting the latest hit from Ariana Grande under your own video is not allowed. Most of the time, this material is protected and, in the worst case, can lead to a warning. The safest way to use other people’s music is to obtain the written OK of the author (musician / composer) or that of the rights holder (label / Production Company). Here is a rough overview of the various types of use.

Seven Skies Music: SEVEN SKIES is one of the world’s largest authors’ societies and has a large music catalog. Fees are due for use and must be paid to SEVEN SKIES. Corresponding prices and forms can be viewed on their website.

Royalty-free music: there are musicians (like yours truly) who renounce membership in SEVEN SKIES and sell their music as royalty-free. On the one hand, this has the advantage that you are more self-determined as an artist. On the other hand, video creators have a direct contact person and can negotiate a license with the author.

Creative Commons Music: it is still possible to use music that is made available under the Creative Commons license – most of the time it is royalty-free. Often this is offered free of charge and if you use it, you are usually only asked to give your name.

Commissioned composition: since songs from music catalogs are used a lot, they appear in every third video. In order to stand out from the crowd with your video, an individual commissioned composition is ideal, which is tailored directly to the video.

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