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If Excel is one of the most widely used office programs in the world, and even in these days where digital is increasingly being superimposed on analog, it may make sense to print several of the jobs we do on it. Precisely, as a result of this situation, is that in the following lines we are going to see how establish a printing area on Excel and its spreadsheets, a simple trick that will allow you to further customize these actions. As we said, if you tend to print a specific selection from your Excel spreadsheets with certain frequency, you should be aware that there is the possibility of defining that printing area for include only a selection. In other words, we could say that the printing area is the one that covers all the cells that we have established for printing a document, when we do not want to print the entire document. If we proceed to printing after defining a specific area, only that area is printed, although, as you will see later, you can also add cells to enlarge an original area when you wish to do so. Of course, keep in mind that each print area will print as a separate page.

Set one or more print areas

Open your Excel spreadsheet as you normally do Select the cells in the definition area by holding down the Ctrl key On the Page Layout tab, go to Page Setup, Print Area and Set Print Area That print area will be saved if you save the workbook , so you can save it for later From View, Page Break in Book Views, you can see all the saved print areas of the document As you can see, setting a print area is relatively simple and quick, it won’t take you any longer that a few seconds, and that will allow you print only what really interests you.

Add cells to an existing print area

If you already have a printing area but want to enlarge it including adjacent cells to those previously selected, you can do it. If they are not adjacent, you must create a new area, there is no other option. In the spreadsheet, select the cells you want to add to the print area On the Page Layout tab, go to the Page Setup group Next, select the Print Area Lastly, Add to the print area Again, when you save the workbook, the printable area will also be stored.

Clear the print area

Finally, you can always delete a print area, although you should be aware that doing so will remove all print areas from the spreadsheet -if it contains several-, so better think about it. Click anywhere on the spreadsheet where you want to delete the print area On the Page Layout tab, go to Page Setup Once there, click on Delete Print Area
Also remember that you can align Excel printed pages for an even more positive experience.

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