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Using natural resources efficiently and improving consumption habits with these recommendations to start at home.

Santiago de Chile.- A couple of weeks ago, “Water Day” and “Earth Hour” were commemorated, both instances generated in order to create social awareness about the current situation of the planet and its natural resources. These special dates also focus on providing guidance on the proper use and proper use of water, gas and electricity, scarce resources worldwide.

There are numerous ways to save electricity and water when using the washing machine or refrigerator at home, including their special settings and modes dedicated to reducing consumption. Simple actions such as disconnecting plugs when the devices are not being used are a contribution to the ecosystem, in turn alleviating the fixed costs in the home.

“When we talk about the waste of natural resources, the simplest changes are the first big step in the call to action. In this way, the most productive, responsible and conscientious use of both electricity and water begins, and a contribution is generated in the improvement of the planet in an integral way to fight to reverse the consequences of the bad practices that have been taking until now”, explains Jeanette Rodríguez, Brand Marketing Manager of White Line of LG Electronics.

Next, the specialist details important recommendations to improve the efficiency of each wash, avoid silent consumption and heat the home consciously.

garment washing

Use pre-wash products so that, when choosing the format to wash, short cycles or ECO mode prevail and thus the deepest stains are not problematic. Fill the drum to its maximum suggested capacity so that the washing process does not take more than one load. Choose cold water programs in your washes, this greatly reduces the consumption of this resource, as well as gas and energy.

energy saving

Avoid silent consumption of electronic products that are not being used. The mere fact that a device is plugged in without being used can increase electricity costs by 10%. It is important to sporadically replace the bulbs in the house, it is recommended to choose new technologies that use LEDs or are low consumption. This can translate to 70% to 80% less energy consumption than traditional incandescent bulbs. It is normal that when heating, ventilating or purifying a space it is not isolated, this means that the windows or doors are open, creating unnecessary steps and flows that hinder the work of intelligent products, and may not even achieve the desired objective and extend its use beyond the account.

Although the use of technology contributes to making society more connected, it does not necessarily go hand in hand with a wise use and exploitation of both energy and water, due to this, good practices regarding the use of technological products and your consumption habits can greatly help the environment in a simple and practical way.

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