Sanferbike removes iron from the entrance of Escapa in Madrid’s cycling retail



Julio Sánchez, one of the founders of Sanferbike, affirms that the chain has been preparing since last year to face the new Madrid scene of bicycle shops characterized by a greater number of powerful competitors.

(5-8-2022). Sanferbike, one of the most important bicycle store chains in Madrid, faces the competition of the new store opened by Escapa in Madrid and the one that Mammoth will soon open in the state capital with caution, without fear and with a certain optimism.

“Whenever there is a new opening in our area and, above all, if it is, as is the case, two new megastores from the two leading operators in the national market, it is clear that concern increases among the rest of the stores. Our experience, however, tells us that the inevitable competition can be a good thing.” These are the words of Julio Sánchez, one of the founders of the Sanferbike chain of bicycle shops in Madrid, which currently has four points of sale and a renowned e-commerce.

Sánchez’s measured opinion, although not exempt from optimism, would have been argued on the basis that “this inevitable competition dynamizes the market and, above all, forces us to continue learning and making an effort to continue improving our relationship with customers and suppliers day by day” .

The retailer has made these demonstrations the day after the landing of the Escapa chain in the north of Madrid, near the area of ​​the four towers, with a 3,000 square meter store.

Likewise, as CMDsport already advanced at the beginning of June, Mammoth is also preparing to open a megastore in the area near the Bernabeu stadium, although it has not yet specified the dates for its launch, although everything would seem to indicate that would take place during the last quarter of this 2022.


From Sanferbike, Julio Sánchez, has assured that his chain “has been working since last year to try to adapt to this new scenario that, sooner or later, had to arrive and in which the market is increasingly shared with more operators (national and international) and, moreover, at a time when supply may possibly exceed demand.”

Despite this, Sanferbike continues to be optimistic in the medium term. For now, the chain has concluded the first semester of this 2022 improving the results of the same period last year, although it has not provided percentages or figures in this regard.


From the ensign they recognize that “the effort and investment to achieve this growth objective have been much greater than in previous campaigns, since many of the factors that maintained the high demand for bicycles have already disappeared which, together with economic uncertainty, the increase in inflation and the possible economic recession in sight, predict a more complicated second semester”.

Sanferbike’s optimism would be based on the legacy of the bike-boom caused by the pandemic scenario and that “has laid the foundations of a new market that is more mature and more professional, as well as stronger and with an unstoppable growth forecast, thanks to the transition to the electric bicycle and not only speaking in terms of mobility”.

As Julio Sánchez has concluded, “this transformation is also reaching all the families of bicycles in the rest of the sports modalities, in which we specialists have our real business opportunity.”

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