Russia attack, live | The EU already assumes an avalanche of Ukrainian refugees


01:30 The EU and the US propose to block the assets of the Central Bank of Russia

They will also exclude several Russian entities from SWIFT, the international system that secures financial transfers. By Salvador Arroyo

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Photo: EFE

01:04 The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has asked the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, to demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from Belarus and has appealed to “the brotherhood between the Belarusian and Ukrainian people” to do so.

27/Feb/2200:32“I will fight for Ukraine to remain Ukraine”

Many Ukrainians from the diaspora return across the Polish border to fight and prevent their country from falling into the hands of the enemy. By Mikel Ayestaran

26/feb/2223:15 Ursula von der Leyen has announced that this Sunday it will be proposed that “some Russian banks” be disconnected from the SWIFT banking system and to paralyze the international assets of the Central Bank of Russia,

26/Feb/2222:15 With Russian soldiers at street level while their tanks enter and take with their flag the strategic buildings of the Ukrainian city of Melitopol, in the southeast of the country. Video: Atlas

26/feb/2222:14 The EU foreign ministers will meet again this Sunday to discuss military support for Ukraine in the face of the invasion it is being subjected to by Russia, as announced by the EU High Representative for Politics Outside, Josep Borrell.

26/Feb/2221:27The civil population armors itself for war

Along the streets of the administrative capital of the Zhytomer Oblast region thousands of people work shoulder to shoulder to raise the defense of their city. By Alvaro Ybarra Zavala

A person, on a barricade in the city of Zhytomer. Photo: Álvaro Ybarra Zavala

26/Feb/2220:57 Pedro Sánchez has called the four heads of the Executive who have preceded him in office, Felipe González, José María Aznar, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy, to share impressions on the Ukraine crisis.


26/Feb/2220:12 Germany to send 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger missiles to Ukraine 26/Feb/2219:48 According to the UN, up to 5 million of the 44 million Ukrainians could seek refuge across its borders.


Zelensky, in his most tragic role

The Ukrainian president denies his surrender and encourages resistance while encouraging the hope that tougher sanctions will be activated, by Ana Barandiaran.

President Zelenski, in an intervention. / EFE

The UN estimates that 150,000 refugees have already left Ukraine.

26/Feb/2218:41 The Russian threat to extend its offensive to all of Ukraine increases the pressure of refugees on the EU borders. Poland or Hungary, bordering countries, have rejected immigration for years.


On the third day of the armed conflict, the Russian army has attacked a residential area in Kiev, the capital, By Sara I. Belled.

Russian invasion of Ukraine. /RC

“After the Ukrainian side abandoned the negotiation process, all units have been ordered to advance in all directions in accordance with the operational plan,” the Russian Defense Ministry says.

Firefighters try to put out a fire in Kiev after a shelling. EFE

26/Feb/2217:29 Putin orders a total invasion of Ukraine The Russian government assures that it has offered to negotiate peace, but given Ukraine’s refusal, an offensive is ordered throughout the entire Ukrainian territory. 26/Feb/2217:13Russia’s total offensiveThe Russian government assures that, after the denial of its requests for peace, it will launch an offensive over the entire Ukrainian territory. 26/Feb/2216:51 The Ukrainian Army has called on the population of Kiev to resist “by all means” and has confirmed the distribution of 25,000 weapons and more than 10 million cartridges. 26/Feb/2216:37 Sources from the Ukrainian army call on the population of Kiev to resist “by all means”.

26/Feb/2215:44 The pro-Russian government of Chechnya says it has deployed troops in Ukraine. His methods are considered brutal.

26/Feb/2215:38 Margarita Robles: “Putin has realized the unity of the EU. There can be no impunity for the Russian president.”

26/Feb/2214:58A girl sleeps in a war shelter. Photo: EP

26/Feb/2214:55 The leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, has requested that, “from today” “all the accounts, assets and yachts of Russian millionaires” be seized. 26/Feb/2214:39 The Kremlin has assured that Putin ordered a “suspension” of the advance of Russian troops in Ukraine, but the offensive ended up being resumed due to the supposed refusal of the Ukrainian government to dialogue.

26/Feb/2214:38Ukrainian soldiers walk down the street in Kiev, Ukraine. Photo: EFE

26/Feb/2214:34Kiev tightens the curfew “All civilians who are on the street during the curfew will be considered members of sabotage groups and enemies,” the mayor of Kiev has indicated. 26/Feb/2214:33 The curfew in Kyiv will be in effect between 17:00 and 08:00. It is a measure that seeks to make the defense and security of citizens more “effective.”


Ukraine publishes the video of the moment in which a Russian missile has hit a residential building in Kiev.

26/Feb/2214:24 Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo has announced that his government will authorize the shipment of 2,000 machine guns to the Ukrainian Army. 26/Feb/2214:16 The authorities in Slovakia have declared a state of emergency as of this noon due to the “large flow of refugees from Ukraine”. 26/Feb/2214:12 Ukraine considers freeing prisoners from jails to fight the Russian army besieging Kiev.

26/Feb/2213:56Members of the Ukrainian army collect unexploded shells after a clash. Photo: AFP

26/Feb/2213:53 Félix Bolaños, this Saturday expressed his “pain” for “the” unacceptable” war in Ukraine and assured that the commitment “to stability and democratic values” are “more necessary today than ever” .

26/Feb/2213:38“There is a risk that the invasion will spread to Poland and Hungary”

Putin’s irrationality has led us to a scenario we haven’t seen since the Second World War.” By Fernando Segura.

González Laya in the Tinglado de Tolosa, the town where he spent his childhood, on a visit in May last year. Photo: OBO ALTUNA
26/Feb/2213:34People wait for a train to Poland at the Lviv city railway station. Photo: AFP

26/Feb/2213:31 Juanma Moreno shares the “pain and concern” of the 17,000 Ukrainians who live in Andalusia due to the war in their country.


A church in Kiev becomes the last refuge of the most vulnerable civilians. Video: AT

26/feb/2213:28 The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has indicated this Saturday that it is “a crucial moment” to close “once and for all” the “long discussion” of the country’s accession to the EU.


To understand the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is necessary to know the history of relations between the two countries and the ethnic and religious composition of the Ukrainian state. By Sarali Gintsburg.

26/Feb/2213:02 The telecommunications companies Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and MásMóvil allow free calls and SMS to Ukraine after the Russian invasion. 26/Feb/2212:53 The Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, has advanced a “firm and forceful” response by NATO allies to the conflict in Ukraine.

26/Feb/2212:52Smoke rises above buildings after a battle in Kiev. Photo: REUTERS
26/Feb/2212:45The last nuclear button against Russia: block its finances with SWIFT

Western powers do not rule out removing Russian banks from that communications system that allows them to operate with other entities around the world, by Jose María Camarero.

Clients of the Russian bank Sberbank, yesterday in Prague. Photo: RC

26/Feb/2212:29 France intercepts a freighter in English Channel waters headed for St. Petersburg on suspicion that it might violate the sanctions adopted by the EU. 26/feb/2212:26 Poland announces that it refuses to play the World Cup play-off in Qatar against Russia on March 24 on a neutral field.

26/Feb/2212:24A group of people in a shelter in Kiev. Photo: REUTERS

26/Feb/2212:13The battle continues “We have resisted”, said the Ukrainian president in a new video published on his social networks and in which he also warned that “battles continue in many cities”. 26/Feb/2212:12 Zelenski has assured that the Ukrainian forces “are successfully repelling enemy attacks” in the capital, Kiev, where explosions and gunfire have been constant. Back to top

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