Runs! These free books will help you work as a game developer


Everything related to the application and game programming is more booming than ever. The main reason for all this is that more and more users are choosing to enter this software sector, whether for personal or professional reasons, so books can help us.

It is not necessary to point out that in the event that we are looking for a job in this specific sector, training is essential. In addition, we must take into account that more and more companies are looking for their own programmers and software developers. This is something that is extensible both in the desktop environment and in mobile applications. In addition, jobs related to software development cover a wide range of possibilities.

With this we want to tell you that we can focus on the creation of new programs from scratch, participate in large projects, or even develop games. But of course, becoming a programming professional is not something easy. The main advantage that we find today is that we have a huge number of sources to draw on, something that did not happen a few years ago. On the internet we find all kinds of videos, courses, books and tutorials which will be of great help to us. A clear example of all this will be found below with these books.

To give you an idea along these same lines, we are going to show you three useful books for all of this and that we can take advantage of completely free of charge. All this thanks to the offer offered by the popular Fanatical website.

Coding Roblox Games Made Easy

First of all, we find an interesting book for the development on the Roblox platform. Keep in mind that this is a global virtual platform for both playing and creating new games. It is also interesting to know that Roblox has all genders using the Lua programming languageso their learning can be of great help to us.

In fact, this book offers us a practical experience developing on the aforementioned platform from the beginning.

Blender 3D By Example

In case you are especially interested in everything related to 3D development, you will love this other book. The first thing you should know is that blender is a powerful software for creating 3D contents. In this way, with this book we will have the possibility of training ourselves about the modeling, animation or rendering of these elements. All this will allow us to develop spectacular own projects for later use in applications or games.

This guide begins with a review of the basic options of Blender, and allows us to familiarize ourselves with the different tools of the software. We start with the basic modeling functions to later advance in the creation of these contents.

Unity 2020 By Example

More and more users, as we mentioned before, are opting for software development. Moreover, we could say that those that focus on video games are also growing exponentially. The book that we offer you for free in this case will be very helpful for these specific tasks.

We will have the opportunity to learn about game development for the unity platform with C#. We will have a series of practical projects that go from creating a simple 2d gameto working with virtual and augmented reality.

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