Rocfit and SportsArt advise how to build a greener gym


Rocfit and SportsArt advise how to build a greener gym

The e-book is entitled ‘Transform your gym into an eco-friendly space’.

(25-2-2022). SportsArt, a brand that Rocfit distributes exclusively for Spain, has launched a free e-book for the Spanish-speaking market in which it delves into the benefits of creating an ecological training center, capable of minimizing the impact on the environment.

One of the most outstanding values ​​“of Rocfit’s work philosophy is its faithful commitment to ecology and energy saving within the sector. This is, without a doubt, the main reason why SportsArt, a manufacturer of sustainable fitness equipment, is one of the star brands in its catalog, they say from the company. The ECO-Powr ™ line, the only series of cardio machines on the market capable of generating electricity during its users’ training, and the ECO-Natural™ line, which saves energy and promotes more sustainable energy consumption, are proof that reducing the carbon footprint of the industry is possible.

Both companies have not stopped working to achieve this goal and for this reason, SportsArt has launched an e-book dedicated to the Spanish-speaking community, which Rocfit distributes nationwide, on the occasion of the celebration on March 5 of the day of energy efficiency, so that all Spanish professionals know why it is convenient to convert gyms into ecologically responsible spaces.

The hour of eco-friendly gyms

‘Transform your gym into an eco-friendly space’ is the title of this e-book that can be downloaded for free here, and which aims to show that with the right equipment and the indicated saving guidelines, every training center you can be more ecological and sustainable in your daily activity. In recent years, the growth in energy costs added to the increasingly pressing need to take care of the planet’s natural resources has led many companies to adopt eco-sustainable practices and policies. Therefore, it is now that gyms, whose main objective is to improve people’s quality of life, have the opportunity to take the lead and follow eco-friendly trends.

Some of the most relevant data, published in this e-book and provided by Green Buildings Sustainability Consulting Group, indicate that “developing an eco-efficient project represents benefits such as the reduction of energy consumption (10-30%), the use of water for toilets (20-50%) and CO2 emission (50-100%)”.

In addition, “among the operational advantages, the following stand out: the increase in the useful life of the building (30-50%), the decrease in maintenance costs (8-9%), the increase in the value of the property (7%) and the improvement in the return on investment (6.6%)”.

Ana López, Director of Rocfit wanted to point out that “without a doubt, this e-book is a perfect document to understand in greater depth the virtues of joining the so-called eco-fitness that seeks to help gyms behave in a more responsible way to the environment but also to save, to position itself in the customer’s mind as a brand concerned about current problems and to give added value to the training of each user”.

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