Rithema, technology and innovation for the sustainability of homes and cities


The startup that develops sustainable projects with a high innovative content, optimizes the use of natural resources and promotes the ecological transition.

Develop projects to improve the sustainability of daily life and bring innovative solutions to homes and cities by inserting green technologies in traditional processes so as to facilitate the birth of smart home e smart city. This is what the team of Rithema, formed by skilled engineers and designers multidisciplinarywhose goal is to optimize the use of natural resources and make industrial processes more efficient thanks to the use of green technology.

Rithema was born from an idea of Alfonso Coppola and in 2019 it became a company based in Salerno. His name is the acronym of the names of some of the scientists which inspired his work, from Archimedes to Hertz, from Einstein to Tesla. A name that explains the soul of the startup.

Today Rithema is present in many innovation fairs and has an activity launched on the market with several patents registered, certified designs and research and development contracts. It is an innovative reality that has received several awards, has consolidated thanks to some investment rounds and has also entered the ecosystem of LifeGate Way, the subsidiary of the LifeGate group dedicated to sustainable startups.

Rithema has won several innovation awards including Capri Startup © Rithema

Projects developed for the smart home

Rithema revolutionizes the approach to the product or its operation, opening up to a paradigm shift that goes well with the energy transition necessary and currently in progress and actually renewing daily activities as we are used to knowing them. Here are some concrete examples.

WaterSave is an innovative shower that allows you to save water and energy. In fact, the device accumulates in a tank the resource that is not used while it is waiting for thewater gets warm and then put it back into circulation during mixing. In addition, it provides an outlet flow at a digitally selected temperature, finally calculating the liters of water used. Rithema has calculated that by letting the water run while waiting for the desired temperature, up to 30 liters can be wasted per shower. This innovation also allows a 30 percent energy savings. The startup is also collaborating with a group of experts to find natural soaps that allow the wastewater from the shower to be reused to wet plants.

A similar idea is the one behind the Komposta kitchen hood, designed to transform food waste in compost using the heat from the hob – usually dissipated without being used. The transformation takes place through the thermoventilation of the hood itself and the rotation of the internal perforated container in which the food scraps are inserted. In this way, i transport costs of the organic fraction and the waste taxavoiding also the relative methane production.

RithemaKomposta is the hood that uses the heat of the kitchen to produce compost © Rithema

Solutions for a smart city

From the point of view of technological applications to public life, Rithema has devised some solutions that go in the direction of the smart city.

E-Round for example it is a roundabout capable of convert four natural sources into electricity: the strength of the wind, that of the sun, the movement of vehicles and the rain. Thanks to these conversions, it is able to produce and accumulate electricity forStreet lighting. Furthermore, part of the stored energy is used for the lighting of a bicycle track and for thepowering the irrigation pumps. The conversion of sunlight into electricity takes place thanks to the photovoltaic panels present on one of the E-Round rings, while the mechanical one thanks to the impulse generated by the passage of vehicles on special strips inserted in the road surface.

Hera instead it is a modular metallic road surface experimental project capable of reducing pollution in urban centers by 60 percent, noise pollution by 70 percent, and asphalt maintenance by 98 percent. It is totally made with recycled materials and is adaptable to any type of road. It does not accumulate water on the surface thanks to the draining grids and edges and when temperatures drop below freezing activates a heating system to melt snow or ice. Control and limit the speed of vehicles thanks to communication with a small control unit mounted on board.

RithemaA model of Hera, a highly innovative modular road surface © Rithema

The environment in which Rithema moves

Rithema’s work takes place in various fields, from design at the electronic design, also thanks to the network of partners with whom it collaborates and who helps it in this process. Its mission is to develop and design innovative domestic and human-sized solutions, which if implemented allow you to optimize the use of natural resources.

The startup offers companies a innovation laboratory which allows you to create prototypes of products up to a very high level of accuracy and allows companies to obtain new ones projects to be patented in a short time and proceed directly to the sale of the finished and tested product, thus expanding its market and increasing its technological value.

All these innovations – some simpler, others more complex to implement – represent a stimulus for the creation of a more sustainable world. We hope to find some of Rithema’s solutions on our way soon.

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