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With the contribution of the Ponle Energía a tu Pyme program, 112 solar panels with a capacity of 40 kW were installed, which allowed significant savings in the cost of electricity for the Sociedad Agrícola La Fuente.

Ovalle, Chile.- The La Fuente Agricultural Society, located in the Camarico sector, in Ovalle, is obtaining significant savings on its electricity bill, thanks to the implementation of a photovoltaic system, which will also bring more economic benefits to the property, by injecting its surplus energy into network.

The firm allocated 37.7 million pesos for the installation of 112 solar panels with a capacity of 40 kW, which included contributions from the Ponle Energía a tu Pyme program, from the Ministry of Energy and the Energy Sustainability Agency. Through this project, it is possible to pump drip irrigation water from some 75 hectares of surface, destined to the cultivation of pisquera grape vines, artichokes and walnut trees. The performance of the crystalline modules has made it possible to lower the cost of electricity by 50 percent since the system is connected to the grid, under the conditions of the distributed generation law.

The administrator of the property, Miguel Honores, commented on how gratifying the implementation of this renewable project in the company has been. “We have had an excellent result because we supply energy to the system to the electric company, which is reflected in a discount on the bill. Regarding the amount we paid monthly, this has been significant. And all that money saved has allowed us to continue increasing the flow of people to hire and of plantations that we are going to have next year.”

For its part, the Energy Seremi, María Castillo Rojas, who learned about the experience of this property located in the province of Limarí, highlighted the initiative of said agricultural company that benefited from the financing of the program promoted by the Ministry and the Energy Sustainability Agency. . “It is relevant that they are generating their own energy, saving and lowering their costs by 50 percent, therefore, they are very good initiatives supported by the State to be able to improve their productivity.”

It should be noted that in the latest version of the Ponle Energía a tu Pyme program, a total of 14 small companies from different areas of the Coquimbo Region obtained financing for 109 million pesos for the implementation of photovoltaic energy and hot water systems, which They allow a saving of resources and improvements in energy efficiency.

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