Top 10 tips to reduce your bounce rate or blog load time


The load time of a website or a blog simply expresses the accessibility and usability of a site. Among all structures and designing algorithm changes, it is a very important component for better ranking. It would be really boring if we need to wait 10sec-20sec for a single page to load. Even, it is one of the major elements of a web page optimization for better SEO. The increased loading time could increase your website or blog normal bounce rate. And it could also result in losing traffic and ranking together. Thus, we need to improve the load time of our online platforms. But the question is ‘What is The Top Ways to Reduce Website or Blog Load Time?’. The rest of the post is all about this and the story of how I managed to reduce my blog load time.

How to Check Page Loading Time of a Blog or Website:

That is really easy for all. I think one can easily judge his website loading time. When visiting your own site, just ask yourself ‘Is it best loading speed what would be loved by the visitors?’. If not, you have to spend time on reducing load time. Like mine, I will recommend all to use GTmetrix. Because this company has the functionality to show a breakdown of the Page Speed including the YSlow program. I think this is the best choice because using it, you would learn which specific element is causing higher loading time. An unoptimized blog will surely get a B or C grade (50%-60% Speed) on the test report. On the other hand, an optimized website or blog can get easily A grade (90%-100% Speed). Have a look at my own blog speed report after optimization:

Speed optimization technique
Speed optimization settings

There are a few more sites where you can get your website load time report to optimize the errors. You may check these:

How to Reduce Blog or Website Load Time:

#1. Choose The Best Hosting Provider

A website or blog speed truly depends on his host providing company. If a site gets a higher server response, the load time would gradually increase. That’s why you should make sure that you are on a better server by a better hosting provider. It would be really helpful if you use companies like HostGator, BlueHost from the start.

#2. Use a good SSL certificate

Most don’t know that SSL works with HTTP/2, which helps to increase website performance. There are many free SSL certificate provider out there, buying any premium SSL from a reputed company can give your website extra security as well as performance. If you are running an eCommerce site you should try a wildcard SSL certificate for online transaction security.

#3. Use Cache to Serve Cached Pages

Using cache on your site, it will cache all the pages and serve it to the visitors. The main benefit of it is, the program will naturally reduce the load time and decrease server load. So, that will be really effective mainly on a blog like WordPress.

#4. Minify JavaScript and CSS Files

Minifying javascript and css will remove all the js and css files from the page source and include it in one js file and one css file. Too many javascript and css takes much time to load and render. So, if it is possible to include them in one, it will be a great component of loading web page quickly.

#5. Compress HTML

HTML compression will reduce the size of an Html page. It can be used to remove unnecessary codes and trim white spaces. The search engine loves clean HTML page sources. For, it could help in getting a higher ranking.

#6. Compress and Optimize Images

Images are important for site loading speed. Because these causes a big amount of bandwidth. However, if we make specific image width, reduce image size and put minimum amount of images on a single web page, it will easily decrease load time. In WordPress blogs, you can use plugin to reduce the load.

#7. Choosing Perfect Theme or Template

Themes or Templates are the main structure of a website or blog. Choosing the best responsive WordPress themes is a crucial part of the development stage of the website because the speed immensely depends on this choice. Poor coding and structure will definitely result in increasing blog load time. Choosing the best one will ensure you the best page speed.

#8. Use Minimum Amount of Ads

Ads like Google Adsense, Yahoo use javascript to load their ads. And it is true that javascripts cause slow page loading. Even, if header javascript is not loading properly, the browser will stop showing the rest of the website. So, we should use only 1-2 ads per page for maintaining a better speed.

Among all of these Google Adsense could affect a lot. So, don’t forget to check preconditions of google adsense signup.

#9. Avoid Flashes

Flash media has a disadvantage in SEO as well as page load time. That’s why we should definitely avoid this to keep a minimum website or blog loading time.

#10. Use Minimum Number of Plugins and Widgets in WordPress

If you are on WordPress, I will recommend you to use a little amount of plugins and widgets. Removing unnecessary plugins and widgets is better for higher site performance.

#11. Limit a Single Page Contents

Try to limit your contents for per page. Excessive content on a single page would require more bandwidth loss. So, try to limit the contents per page. If the content is quite large, divide it into two or three. On blogs, limit the minimum amount of posts on post pages.

Recommendation For WordPress Blog Load Time:

For WordPress blogs, I truly advise you to use the W3 Total Cache plugin to improve page speed. This plugin has the functionality to enable caching, minify, compression, cdn and all other components to boost the speed. If you are writing blogs for teenagers, you better use this plugin. It is a plugin that has all in one option to improve the loading speed. As I am using it on my blog, I also advise all to use it. It is one of the best ways to reduce WordPress blog load time.

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