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According to UN data, the real estate sector produces 35% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Added to this is the fact that construction in Chile generates 56% of industrial solid waste, making it the most polluting industry in the country, according to CONAMA, so consuming less and optimizing the use of resources is the ideal model for building and living in our immediate future.

Santiago de Chile.- Regarding the need to reduce energy consumption through a reasonable and sustainable use of energy, the real estate sector plays a key role since, according to UN data, it produces the 35% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Added to this is the fact that construction in Chile generates a 56% of industrial solid waste, making it the most polluting industry in the country, according to CONAMA. However, this impact is not only limited to construction, but also to the operation of homes and buildings. According to the Ministry of Energy, the 53% of residential energy consumption is used for heating and air conditioning and 20% in domestic hot water.

The context of climate change and the health crisis that we are experiencing aims to change the way we build and live, with concrete actions to reduce the consumption of resources and promote energy efficiency, which are already being generated from the public and private sectors.

One of the most important is the entry into force of the Energy Efficiency Law in 2023, which establishes that new homes must have the evaluation of the Home Energy Rating (CEV) of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the Ministry of Energy, which for years was applied voluntarily by the real estate industry to qualify the energy efficiency of a home in its stage of use, which will encourage the entire industry to try to improve the standard of your projects

Altas Cumbres Real Estate was the first developer in Chile to obtain the certification of the Housing Energy Rating in 2009 in the Mirador de Volcanes house project in Puerto Varas and, since then, has continued to advance in the incorporation of more efficient innovations and technologies, without this meaning higher costs or that customers dispense with comforts but, on the contrary, improve construction processes and people’s quality of life.

“Our approach to the concept of energy efficiency is based on our experience developing homes in the south of the country, where there is an extreme climate and high levels of air pollution. The purpose we set for ourselves has been not only to reduce our impact as developers on the surroundings and the environment, but also to seek ways to make homes more resistant and comfortable, reducing consumption and pollution throughout their useful life”, explains Enrique Loeser, Commercial Manager of Altas Cumbres Real Estate.

using more resistant coatings and passive principles, the company optimizes insulation and eliminates thermal bridges in homes to reduce energy losses. In addition, it integrates a convective ventilation system that allows the air to be renewed inside the house. Therefore, there is no need to open the windows or turn on a device to ventilate, the house does it autonomously 24 hours a day, without losing heat and avoiding changes in temperature.

This innovation in design and materials has been extended in recent years to the construction process itself, incorporating the industrialization as a key piece in your projects, since it allows you to improve productivity and sustainability. “This consists of carrying out parts of the works in plants or controlled environments, minimizing the impact on the environment in terms of waste, noise and dust, and making construction much more efficient since these prefabricated solutions are only assembled on site, as is the case with stairs, bathrooms, envelopes, and prefabricated roofing and roofing structures,” says Enrique Loeser.

The latest innovation is the I use paints and coatings made from discarded plumavit, which are applied in the finishing and sealing stage of your real estate projects. These paints are developed by the company Poliestirec with the same waste that is recycled in the works of Altas Cumbres, thus integrating the concept of circular economy in its processes and preventing these discards from ending up in landfills or polluting the sea, lakes, rivers. and wetlands.

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