QR Asset’s New Retail Fund Wants to Beat Bitcoin with Committee Management and Algorithms


QR Asset, digital asset manager of the QR Capital group, announces this Tuesday (2) a new retail fund that invests 100% in actively managed crypto assets, but leaves aside the single manager and bets on governance that combines algorithm with a committee of in-house experts to balance the portfolio monthly.

Called QR Crypto Factors, the product aims to outperform Bitcoin (BTC) as measured by the Bitcoin Reference Rate index of the American derivatives exchange Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

According to the manager, the new model can calibrate the algorithm according to the market scenario. The most accurate assessments by experts, captured in anonymous questionnaires over the months, will gain more weight in the weighted average when deciding on portfolio adjustments.

The fund, explains the manager, follows a “systematic allocation strategy that can allocate 20% abroad and 80% can be done with other financial products that include ETFs”, in order to comply with the regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) to attract retail investors.

The QR Crypto neutral fund, also presented today, allocates 100% of crypto assets abroad and is aimed at qualified investors. It can operate in both directions of the market – that is, in long or short positions – to take advantage of different moments of digital assets, including the so-called “crypto winter”.

“We bring you two options that seek to generate alpha in times of decline and that serve both qualified investors and retail investors”, comments Alexandre Ludolf, investment director at QR Asset.

Operating since July 11 and launched with the company’s own seedmoney, the Crypto Factors fund has a minimum investment of BRL 1, and charges 2% per year of management fee and 15% of performance on what exceeds the performance of Bitcoin.

Crypo Neutral, for qualified investors, requires an investment of at least BRL 1,000 and has a performance fee of 20% of what exceeds the CDI. The administration fee is also 2%.

More details about the new funds will be presented by QR Asset at Expert XP 2022, which starts tomorrow (3) and will take place, simultaneously, in person at São Paulo Expo, with tickets from R$ 1,100, and in digital format, free . This Tuesday (2), the event opens only to self-employed agents.

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