Pure Gym gives Basic Fit a pulse for the leadership of European fitness


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Between January and February, Pure Gym claims to have gained 160,000 subscribers, which again places it in a global number of subscribers close to the pre-pandemic, with 1.7 million clients.

(22-4-2022). Pure Gym plans to go from the more than 500 gyms with which it currently operates to a network of more than a thousand, within eight years. The chain announces its landing in new markets, in a determined strategy to dispute the leadership of the international market with Basic Fit.

Pure Gym has set out to exceed a thousand operating gyms by 2030. A challenge with which the low-cost gym chain has planned to open just over 500 clubs in a period of 8 years, thus doubling its size in the market international.

In this way, the British chain is determined to dispute the leadership of European fitness with Basic Fit, which currently holds the first position in the ranking of operators with the most clubs in operation, with a total of 1,085 gyms.

According to the latest data published by EuropeActive, referring to 2021, Pure Gym holds the second position as the European operator with the most clubs, ahead of Anytime Fitness. As well as the second place in the ranking of operators with the highest income, led by David Lloyd, a chain that last year had a turnover of 486 million euros. For its part, PureGym declared a turnover of 365 million, compared to 341 million for Basic Fit, which holds the third position in the ranking.

At the subscriber level, the Dutch Basic Fit remains in first position, with more than 2.2 million subscribers, followed by RSG Group, parent company of McFit, which at the end of 2021 brought together 1.7 million clients, and Pure Gym , which closed the podium with 1.6 million subscribers.

Consolidate markets

To carry out this expansion, the chain has announced a plan to open 500 new gyms in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, its two main markets. PureGym currently operates 301 clubs in the UK, with plans to reach 700-900 clubs in this market between 2026 and 2028, giving an annual opening rate of 66 gyms per year.

In total, Pure Gym opened 28 new clubs during 2021: 24 in the UK, three in Saudi Arabia and one in Switzerland, so this announcement represents a significant increase in their opening rate.

In Switzerland, where the company currently has 39 centers, operating under the BaseFit banner, it plans to reach between 100 and 200 sites during the same period of 2026-2028.

international deployment

Pure Gym will also look to accelerate the rollout of its franchise operations in new international markets, including Japan, Southeast Asia, China, India and North Africa.

At the beginning of 2022, Pure Gym opened its first three clubs in the United States, as part of a movement to enter a market with such potential as the North American one. There, the brand has begun to operate under the name of Pure Fitness, it plans to deploy a strong franchise plan to strengthen its presence in the market.

14% growth

Pure Gym has unveiled this strategy after disclosing its financial results for 2021, in which it reached revenues of 308 million pounds sterling, 14% more than in 2020, interrupted by the pandemic. The pandemic also affected results in 2021, with all Pure Gym centers closed between January to April due to national lockdowns.

The company revealed that it has had a “strong start” to 2022, registering a net gain of 160,000 subscribers during January and February, with which the network reached 1.7 million at the end of February, the same level as in December 2019. , before the pandemic.

To shore up its finances and accelerate its plans for growth in 2022, Pure Gym recently secured a £300m capital injection from KKR, bringing the total raised during the pandemic to $1bn. This figure includes a £100m injection from Leonard Green and Partners, a €445m bond raise and the extension of a £50m revolving credit facility to £145m.

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