Pokémon Unite: List of all playable Pokémon


We currently have 34 Pokémon available in the game, which can be purchased by playing or for real money.The list of playable Pokémon is full of variety, ideal for different roles within each game.

From the moment we first tried it, we fell in love with Pokémon Unite. But are these all? Today we are going to show you the list of all playable pokemon nowadays; We understand that it is not too extensive, but with the passage of time and updates we will have more options available.

List of all playable Pokemon in Unite

Currently we only have 34 playable Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, these are divided into five types: attacker, versatile, supporter and speedster. Although, more are expected to come in the future; although for now there is no choice but to settle for these, although they are very interesting and varied. Which makes for some really amazing battles, especially if you follow our Pokemon tips and tricks for beginners.

As in any other game of the MOBA genre, there is a list of Pokémon Unite levels that will help us see which one is better depending on the role we want to play on the battlefield.

Aegislash (Attacker)Absol (Speedster)Alola Ninetales (Attacker)Azumarill (Attacker)Blastoise (Defender)Blissey (Supporter)Charizard (Attacker)Cinderace (Attacker)Cramorant (Attacker)Crustle (Defender)Decidueye (Attacker)Dragonite (Attacker)Duraludon (Attacker)Eldegoss (Supporter)Garchomp (Offroader)Gardevoir (Attacker)Gengar (Speedster)Greedent (Defender)Greninja (Attacker)Hoopa (Supporter)Lucario (Offroader)Machamp (Offroader)Mamoswine (Defender)Mr. Mime (Supporter) Pikachu (Attacker) Slowbro (Defender) Snorlax (Defender) Sylveon (Attacker) Talonflame (Sprinter) Trevenant (Defender) Tsareena (All Terrain) Venusaur (Attacker) Wigglytuff (Supporter) Zeraora (Sprinter)

Roles of each type of Pokémon

On the other hand, Pokémon Unite is very different from the classic RPGs we know from the franchise. During each battle, our Pokémon will grow as we fight them, which will give rise to temporary evolutions that will help us face our opponents.

Off-roader: they have very balanced statistics, they serve on all occasions. Attacker: they would be the famous “DPS” focused on damage. Defender: a tank, they are dedicated to absorbing all possible damage. Sprinter: they move fast and can score points quickly. Supporter: Basically it is a healer or medicine man, it heals allies and weakens enemies.

Will we have more Pokémon in the future?

Obviously, through free updates it is proposed to add more Pokémon. Although the developers add them on a semi-regular basis, so we must be on the lookout for free updates.

Currently, in order to use a Pokémon in games, we will have to acquire a license. They can be purchased using Aeos Coins or Aeos Gems. Coins (Aeos Coins) can only be earned by playing; while gems (Aeos Gems) are purchased with real money.

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