Platja Llarga returns to the challenge between Altafulla-Torredembarra



Club Marítim Altafulla is once again, for the fourth consecutive year, the organizer of the Challenge that pits its skating fleet against those from Platja Llarga and Torredembarra.

(10-8-2022). Return to the origins in this 2022 edition of the senior challenge in the sail skate class, that is, the one that faces the fleets of skaters from Altafulla and Torrerdembarra. On this occasion, however, it will be a matter of three, since the fleet of the Club de Vela Plata Llarga returns to the ‘duel’.

The nineteenth edition of the Challenge between Altafulla and Torredembarra, which will take place next weekend (August 13 and 14), will have a new incentive this time. And it is that, after several years absent, the event will count again this 2022 with sailors from the Club de Vela Platja Llarga. In this way, as in the origins of this emblematic competition, the fleets of the Club Marítim Altafulla, the Club Marítim Torredembarra and the Club de Vela Platja Llarga will meet again at sea to see which of the three achieves that its five best-ranked skippers get the lowest caliber score.


From the Altafulla Marítim Club, organizer of this year’s edition for having been the winning entity in last year’s call, they have reported that the participation of 8 skaters from the Platja Llarga Sailing Club, 12 from the Torredembarra Marítim Club and between 25 and 30, from the Club Marítim Altafulla. This would mean reaching a participation of about 50 skaters, a really relevant figure (last year, the registration amounted to 42 sailors).

Precisely, the Club Marítim Altafulla is the one with the most victories in the 18 editions held so far. In total, it brings together 13, while the Club Marítim Torredembarra has been the winner in the remaining 5 editions. Note that Altafulla has been the victorious squad in the last four calls.


If in the last editions, the first day had been devoted to the so-called regatta-crossing, and the second, to the triangle, in this edition, the order of both formats will change and the first day will be devoted to the Olympic triangle race, while than the second, the competition will be held on a regatta-cruise format.

Sources from the Club Marítim Altafulla have argued for this change in the order of the formats based on “providing greater emotion to the competition, since the regatta-cruise is usually the longest, as well as the one that requires the greatest effort and greatest strategy and , used to be the one that provokes the greatest ‘surprises’ in the classification”.


The winning club in the 17 editions of the Challenge between the fleets of the Club Marítim Altafula and the Club Marítim Torredembarra is shown below.

2004: Club Marítim Torredembarra 2005: Club Marítim Altafulla 2006: Club Marítim Torredembarra 2007: Club Marítim Torredembarra 2008: Club Marítim Altafulla 2009: Club Marítim Torredembarra 2010: Club Marítim Altafulla 2011: Club Marítim Altafulla 2012: Club Marítim Altafulla 2013 Altafulla 2014: Club Marítim Altafulla 2015: Club Marítim Altafulla 2016: Club Marítim Altafulla 2017: Club Marítim Torredembarra 2018: Club Marítim Altafulla 2019: Club Marítim Altafulla 2020: Club Marítim Altafulla 2021: Club Marítim Altafulla

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