Pere Crespo revalidates victory in the Gran Premi Badalona 2022


Pere Crespo, on the left, and Albert Batlleriá Mitjana (on the right), winners of the Gran Premi Badalona 2022 in the first and second categories, respectively.

(7-12-2022). Pere Crespo, in the first category, and Albert Batlleriá Mitjana, in the second category, have been the winners of the Gran Premi Badalona 2022, which in this edition summoned 47 senior sailing sailors, compared to 44 in the 2021 edition.

A weekend for ventolineros lived last weekend on the occasion of the Gran Premi Badalona 2022 dispute, which had Pere Crespo, as the winner of the first category, and Albert Batlleriá Mitjana, of the second, both from Club Natació Badalona. Crespo registered his name for the second time in a row in this summer’s Grand Prix list of winners, after having won it last year. For his part, Albert Batlleriá Mitjana, winner of the second category, showed that, despite his youth, the lessons of his father (the skipper of the ‘Milú’) and the great desire that the skipper of the ‘Trebla’ puts in him are good allies so that your level progresses at a good pace.

A total of 47 sailors have signed up for this year’s edition, that is, three more than the 44 who did so in last year’s edition.


The winner of the first round, played on Saturday, was Peco Mulet and after him came Pere Crespo, second, and the Valencian Vicente Pastor, third. The three of them had a very close race and, in the end, they crossed the finish line very close together.

The first of second in that test was Albert Batlleriá Mitjana who entered the sixth of the general, preceding Gregori Conteras, second of second and tenth of the general, and Pau Delclós, third of second and thirteenth of the general.


The following day, Sunday, the absolute triumph of the heat fell to Pere Crespo, while the second to enter was Tony García, and the third, Jordi Giménez.

The first second was Pau Delclós with a creditable fifth overall. Second in second place was Albert Batlleriá Mitjana, who came in eighth overall, while third in this category was Gottfried Schuon, who crossed the finish line ninth overall.


After the celebration of the two sleeves, Pere Crespo, from Club Natació Badalona, ​​was the first category winner of the Gran Premi Badalona 2022 with three points (the same ones he obtained in last year’s edition). Second place in first place went to Tony García, from Club Nàutic Tamariu, with 6 points, while third place went to Lea Sitjà, with nine points.

In the second category, victory for Albert Batlleriá Mitjana, from Club Natació Badalona, ​​who with 14 points qualified sixth overall. Pau Delclós, from the Club Nàutic Premià de Mar, would be the second in the second category, with 18 points that earned him seventh place overall, while Gottfried Schuon, from the Club Natació Badalona, ​​was classified third in the second category, with 24 points. and eighth overall.

It is noteworthy that the first three of the second class managed to place themselves in the top-10 of the final absolute classification.

FINAL CLASSIFICATION Grand Prix Badalona 2022.

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