PDF Managing: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use PDF Bear


If you want to know how you can easily manage your PDF files, PDF Bear is the right answer. This platform can help you with anything in regards to your PDF files, and you can use it for free. There are instructions that you need to follow, and you can perform them effortlessly. With that, here are the reasons why you should use PDF Bear.

Easy JPG to PDF Conversion

If you don’t know where to convert those important JPG files of yours, PDF Bear has the perfect tool to resolve that issue. Its converter can transform file formats like TIFF and PNG to PDF. If you’re new to this platform, you won’t have a hard time following the easy instructions, and transforming the files will be effortless. Besides those facts, PDF Bear is also safe and secure to use, and you can use it with zero cost.

You can convert your JPG files with the help of PDF Bear’s tools, and the server itself will help you finish the task. Upload or drag the data into the website, and after a few seconds, the new data will be ready. Follow these simple steps on how to use the JPG to PDF converter:

  1. Upload your JPG or photo file that you wish to convert.
  2. Choose the option that you need.
  3. Press “Convert!” so that the process will start.
  4. Hit “Download” if you need to save the file and click “Share” to share it with your Dropbox or Google Drive.

Worldwide Access

Whether you’re in different places, like street, school, home, office, or even in remote areas, you can still use PDF Bear to convert, merge, split, report, and rotate your PDF files. With that said, the task that you want to achieve will be done in seconds and a few clicks. Any offline software is not required if you’re going to utilize PDF Bear service, and anyone can use it for free.

The Quality of Your Files Won’t Get Compromised

Compared to other online tools, PDF Bear has the edge when it comes to its output quality. When a user performs any conversion process, the file quality of the newly converted files won’t get compromised. Not only its converters, but after merging, splitting, or compressing your PDF files, the quality will still be there. Its server will automatically choose and detect the highest quality possible for your data.

Secure and Reliable to Use

With PDF Bear, the service that will be provided to you is stable and fast. You will have peace of mind, and this platform can guarantee anyone that splitting, converting, merging, compressing, and even repairing their PDF files is easy and straightforward to perform. For security purposes, after the users of PDF Bear upload their files, those files will be erased automatically after an hour. With that, your data are secured, and no one can ever access them.

Supports All Platforms

If you are a Linux, Mac, or Windows user, you don’t have to worry because PDF Bear supports those platforms. Users can also access the website using their iOS or Android devices.


With PDF Bear, your life is more comfortable if you always handle PDF files. PDF Bear can help you convert, compress, merge, split, repair, rotate and protect your PDF files without exerting so much effort. Everything is achievable, and the instructions are pretty easy to follow. Your data are safe with PDF Bear because its system will delete your files after an hour of uploading it.

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