Tech Guide: Some of the Best PC Cases for Your Gaming PC


Building your gaming PC is a confusing process for newbies, but if you know what you are doing, then it’s quite fun. Because of this global pandemic, a lot of us can’t go outside our houses. Most of the people’s job requires working from their home, and that’s why they need a decent PC, especially if your job is graphic designing, 3D rendering, game streamer and other tasks that require high-end PCs.

If you want to customize your rig, you need to understand that picking the right PC case or chassis is as crucial as choosing your motherboard. You also need to consider the size so that the other parts wanted will fit perfectly. Aside from the size, you need to select a case with excellent airflow so that your GPU, processor, or motherboard won’t overheat. If those parts overheat, it can cause damage to your PC. So here’s a list of the best pc cases for your gaming PC.

Silverstone Redline RL06 Mid-Tower Case

If you wish to have an ultimate cooling mid-tower case for your internal parts, Silverstone Redline RL06 is considered one of the best airflow cases that are capable of doing that. This case has enough space to support a motherboard, such as the size of an ATX. The design also gives you a sophisticated and clean look. It already has a pre-installed three red LED fans with 120mm length each and a front mesh panel. They all have a purpose of which parts to cool down. If you want to install another fan for exhaust purposes, there is space in the top for two fans and a rear fan.

The case also supports graphics cards up till 348mm long, a CPU coolers with 158mm tall, and also allows you to install a 240mm Radiators for your liquid cooling system. The side panel of this PC case has a full tempered glass which enables you to view your great gaming parts easily.

Cooler Master MasterBox Mb500 Case

This RGB case can house a 120mm fan at the back and two 120mm fans on its front panel. If you want more airflow, you can also place two 120mm exhaust fans on its top part. The front panel is semi-meshed with hexagonal ventilation and works excellent if you want great ventilation and airflow. The case is also roomy for you to put high-specs components and supports ATX motherboards.

For its I/O ports, the front panel has audio ports for the headphones and speakers, and 2 USB 3.0. Its tempered glass is 4mm thick which lets you see all high-quality parts inside the PC case and brag them to other people.

Corsair 1000D

Corsair 1000D is a vast PC case or what people call the full tower case. It is a super tower because of its size, and it can house large PC systems if your budget allows you. Standing at 27.3 inches, the space of this case is enough for you to place four radiators and 18 fans.

In addition to its vast size, this PC case also features a triple-chamber, which is a unique design. Its French-style door storage compartments and radiators trays make it convenient for users to install other parts easily. While the case is so big, it is capable of housing a mini-ITX and E-ATX build together.


The case houses the essential parts of your PC like the motherboard, GPU, processor, memory, and more components. It’s necessary to choose the right one that won’t overheat the parts and lessen your worries about anything. Make sure that your motherboard and cooling fans will fit perfectly to your chosen PC case.

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