Patí Barcelona and Abordo join forces to manufacture sailing skates



Rafel Figuerola, manager of Barcelona, ​​(on the left) and Jordi Sánchez, manager of the nautical company, Abordo, have decided to establish a strategic alliance to promote the manufacture and expansion of the sailing skate.

(11-4-2022). The Patí Barcelona shipyard, directed by Rafel Figuerola, and the nautical company, Abordo, led by Jordi Sánchez, have decided to join forces to manufacture sailing skates. Both directors face this new stage with the aim of expanding this vessel at a state and international level.

With this agreement, Patí Barcelona expands its production and growth capacity, by having the resources of the nautical company, Abordo, which has state-of-the-art warehouses in the town of Calafell (Tarragona) to manufacture skate floats fiberglass sail.

According to the manager of Patí Barcelona, ​​Rafel Figuerola, “this collaboration with Abordo will allow us to make more sophisticated, precise and excellent skates, because we will have a first-class industry without having to increase the price of the boat”.

For his part, the manager of Abordo, Jordi Sánchez, from Calafell, has declared that “from our company we celebrate this collaboration with Patí Barcelona, ​​because we will be able to complement the latest innovations in the manufacture of fiber floats for sailing skates, maintaining the tradition of the manufacture of this boat.


The two companies celebrate this cooperation and their respective managers are convinced that it will further strengthen their position in the skating market and that they will be able to make the skate grow nationally and internationally, a challenge that constitutes, according to Figuerola and Sánchez, “one of the pending subjects that the sailing skate class still has”.

This strategic alliance is contextualized in the scenario provided by the designation of Barcelona as the venue for the 2024 Copa América. Both businessmen have highlighted that “this designation puts Barcelona in the spotlight of world sailing and this constitutes a historic opportunity for the promotion of the sailboat, far beyond the city where this boat was born”.

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