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A century ago shelves full of paper were interpreted as a ‘fruitful business’, today we will continue to use cellulose for products related to hygiene and some types of packaging.

By Rodrigo Mortara

Santiago de Chile.- Two decades into the 21st century, today’s workforce is part of a society that is more aware of the impact of its actions in pursuit of modernity and development. A century ago, shelves full of paper were interpreted as a ‘fruitful business’ and dumpsters full of packaging were seen as a sign of purchasing power.

Now we see that the paper is going backwards. Yes, we will continue to use cellulose for hygiene-related products and some types of packaging, but everything related to documents has migrated – and must continue to do so – to digital. We have advanced technology to digitize and keep all types of files hosted on platforms, from contracts to service tickets, reports, reports, forms and all documentation that used to go through the printer.

If we don’t go ‘paperless’, how will we contribute to the fulfillment of international agreements such as the momentous Paris Agreement? Helping the Environment is our responsibility. In this sense, great actions are not needed to stop climate change all at once, it only requires a daily commitment to a different way of doing things, a different look at how to operate our businesses and an awareness of the origin of the resources we use and the impact each printed page has on the planet.

Let’s be the change, ‘let’s get rid of paper’.

Rodrigo Mortara is General Manager of Despapeliza

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