Outrage in Brazil over the rape of an anesthesiologist to a patient during childbirth

A pregnant woman passes a medical check-up. Photo resource.

The doctor, already detained, administered a higher dose of sedation to the woman to perform a caesarean section and hid under a curtain so as not to be seen by colleagues in the operating room

RC Thursday, 14 July 2022, 11:51

Brazil and, in particular, the city of Rio de Janeiro are in shock after learning of the videos recorded and broadcast by nurses at the Heloneida Studart Women’s Hospital where an anesthetist is seen raping a sedated patient while a Caesarean section.

The nurses, already suspicious of the anesthesiologist for administering a greater amount of sedation to women in other operations, decided to record the delivery. According to the local media ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’ and the television ‘O Globo’, in the images the anesthesiologist can be seen lowering his pants and inserting his penis into the mouth of the sleeping patient until she ejaculates. To remove the evidence, the anesthesiologist passes a gauze pad over your mouth and throws it into a trash can. The Police took that test hours later and showed the remains of semen, which have served to identify the rapist.

The anesthesiologist distracted the rest of the doctors present at the birth by insisting that the curtain that covers the upper part of the woman’s body be raised higher and higher, so that the anesthetist’s colleagues could not see what was happening behind.

The Secretary of Health of the state of Rio, once aware of the situation, took the case to the Police and the agents acted hours later with the arrest of the doctor whom they identified as Giovanni Quintella Bezerra. In his resume, he has a specialization in anesthesiology and six months of previous work experience in various hospitals in Rio. The Ministry of Health will also carry out a parallel investigation at the hospital to take the necessary measures.

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