Oriol Martí and Víctor Oliva winners of the Somorrostro Trophy 2022


Victor Oliva, Quim Esterba and Orill Martí, Somorrostro Trophy 2022

WINNERS AND CLUB WITH THE MOST SELECTED FOR THE 2022 VOLTA A MENORCA. From left to right, Víctor Oliva, winner of the 2022 Somorrostro Trophy in the second category; Quim Esteba, third ranked in the first category and Commodore of the Club Nautic Tamariu, an entity that has classified up to five of its skaters for the Volta a Menorca 2022; and Oriol Martí, absolute winner of the Somorrostro Trophy 2022.

(3-4-2022). The Somorrostro Trophy 2022 has concluded today without being able to finish the Sunday test that has been canceled by the regatta committee due to wind instability. The Club Nàutic Tamariu has managed to classify up to five of its skaters in the selection of the seven Catalan skaters who will attend the Volta a Menorca 2022 in sailing skate.

The wind instability continued today in the second round of the 2022 Somorrostro Trophy but with the aggravating factor that the wind, in addition to 30-degree tumbles, was very weak and the most powerful gusts barely reached 8 knots and barely reached a minute. And all under a cloudy sky, a temperature of about eleven degrees and intermittent rain. A ‘delight’ stage.


Despite everything, and after an hour of waiting in the water, the Committee has started the exit process when it has considered the test feasible. Three minutes later, he canceled it for a great role and shortly after, he started a second exit process, but this one also failed.

The third process has started with a garbí of about 7-8 knots and this time it has been possible to start. That garbí, in any case, was tremendously rollicking but, despite this, up to thirty boats have passed the buoy on the first beat.

However, in the middle of the first length the wind has dropped to miserable levels and, when they had been about twenty minutes into the test, the committee has decided to cancel it.

The return to land has been very long for the sixty participants due to the slight wind and many of them have felt cold due to the rain that had left them soaked.

Following the suspension of today’s test, the final classification has been defined based on the classification of yesterday’s test.


The first category winner was Oriol Martí, from Club Pati Vela Barcelona, ​​who with this victory became the first skater in the history of this trophy to win it as a first category skipper, as well as a second category one (he won it in 2018). ).

The second classified was Daviz, Sainz, from Club Mar i Vent Canet, and the third, Quim Esteba, from Club Mautic Tamariu.

The winner of the second category has also been a skater from the Club Pati Vela Barcelona, ​​specifically Víctor Oliva, who is emerging as a serious contender to record positive results this year and that could lead him to win the pass to the first category next 2023.

The second place in the second category went to Rafa Perera, from Club Natacio Barcelona, ​​who has two victories in the second category in this trophy (in 2019 and 2020).

Third place went to Marc Morillo, from the Club Maritim Cubelles, a young man whose evolution we will have to watch out for.

This Somorrostro Trophy 2022 was classifiable to define the seven Catalan sailors who will take part in the Volta a Menorca in skate a sailing 2022 that will be held from June 27 to July 3. To qualify for the Menorcan round, the selected sailors must not have participated in any previous edition of the Volta.


By virtue of this, the seven Catalan skaters who have gained access to the round have been: David Sainz, from Club Mar i Vent Canet; Quim Esteba, from the Club Nautic Tamariu; Jan Esteba, from the Club Nautic Tamariu; Sergi Canals, from the Club Nautic Tamariu; Jordi Obach Rafel, from the Club Maritim Cubelles; Tony García, from the Club Nautic Tamariu; and José María Ferrer, from the Club Nautic Tamariu.

Of the seven qualified sailors, well, up to five are from the Club Nautic Tamariu.

The classified skaters must now confirm their decision to participate to the organization of the Volta a Menorca.

In the event that one or more do not participate, their vacancy would be covered by the next or next classifieds of the Somorrostro Trophy 2022 who have not previously made that round.

FINAL CLASSIFICATION of the Somorrostro Trophy 2022, after the celebration of the first round.

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