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In this information we will tell you which are the most popular cycling-themed games in online casinos.

(29-7-2022). The multi-billion dollar casino industry is constantly trying to create different games that can attract the attention of new audiences. This is one of the reasons why it continues to add new players year after year. Here we talk about the most attractive slot games on cycling themes.

The commitment to innovate and the enormous variety of virtual casinos that exist are the 2 fundamental pillars behind the success of this industry.

In that sense, to the fun sensation that a slot machine can generate, more and more designs are added that attract people and, in this case, we are talking about cycling.

Slot machines keep fans of the two-wheel sport interested in pulling the little lever.

Next we will tell you what are the most popular cycling themed games in online casinos.

Pedal Power

When we talk about Pedal Power, we are referring to one of the most popular and beloved casino games by the public. Designed by the company “Microgaming”, they knew perfectly how to integrate the theme of cycling into the slots. To enjoy it from the comfort of your home, all you have to do is go to the best online casino that you know, although if the one you frequent does not have it, it may not be the best available and you should look for a more complete one. Bets can be placed on multiple currencies and includes a free spin. Best of all, it is not expensive at all, which guarantees fun for hours at a low price. It is suitable for beginners and experts.

bike mania

Bike Mania is another of the many slot games whose cycling theme has made it so popular. Produced by the specialized company “Portomaso Gaming”, it is capable of giving a experience very similar to that of riding a real bikebut with the positive of not sweating while you do it and having fun at the same time.

Slot Angels

Another attractive proposal is the one offered by Slot Angels. This slots design has a theme created specifically for those bikers who love casino games. As you may have noticed from the name, it is inspired by what is probably the most famous motorcycle gang in the world: Hell’s Angels.

Produced by Betsoft, these made it a point for players to have a good time by taking advantage of bonuses, free spins, etc. It is without a doubt one of the funniest games of chance that you can find in the world. best online casino.

win a bike

Players with a real passion for bikes should try this slot game created by ISOFTBet. It has a standard payment table so you can consult it whenever you want and on the screen you will see the winning combination, if luck was on your side. The best? The reward is a real bike instead of money.

The Golden Game

Playtech worked to create this slot game in which the jackpot is 10k coins, which the game itself will pay out with 20 free spins. As with Bike Mania, what characterizes it is the immersion capacity that it has in the players, which is why they don’t stop having fun for a long time.

biker gang

A plus that Biker Gang has with respect to the others, is that in this slot game they will give you free spins no matter if you’re doing good or bad. In addition to that, it has a dice set on fire as a wild card, which will multiply profits that you have after each turn. It is by far one of the most original.

Reel Thunder

We bring another installment from Microgaming, a company specializing in the creation of slot games that previously appeared on the list when creating Pedal Power. The jackpot it offers is 10k coins, and its so attractive aesthetic It is another of the ways they have to engage the new public that seeks to be distracted for a while with slots.

Road Cash

Road Cash was created by BF, who, seeing the lack of biker-themed games in casinos, decided to get down to business. This slot is based on 3 topics: adventure, motorcycling and money. If you have a bit of luck he will offer you free spins and bonus rounds.

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