OCP launches a management program that promises results from listening to the client

(7-14-2022). The program includes a dashboard, offers management reports and analysis tools with which to identify points for improvement, prioritize investments and efforts, as well as identify and prevent those users who are most likely to cause termination of the installation.

The consultancy Optimization, Costs and Processes, OCP, launches the Customer Experience Improvement project on the market, an evolution of its Customer Intelligence Listening Channel (CEIC) service, with which it offers gym and sports center managers a management tool based on the customer experience.

The tool is designed to optimize the management of fitness businesses, also having average information on the companies that operate in the sector, as well as the market segment to which each company belongs, in detail.

As explained by the director of OCP, Lucas E. Peñas, “the essence of the project is that we are capable of transforming the opinions of the clients into improvement actions adapted to the reality of the sports center, in addition, closing the circle, carrying out a follow-up of the implemented improvements.

Gain competitiveness with customer opinions

It is a technological tool that uses different algorithms to give gym customers a voice, improve their experience and the company’s competitiveness.

It has been designed to reduce uncertainty by providing data to support decision making. This is accompanied by reports on the experience of customers and workers, in real time.

The program provides different analysis tools, among which is an analysis tree, a map of key tags, an evolutionary dashboard, an analysis of customer profiles, a follow-up of new customers and also of cancellations.

The service is accompanied by advice to interpret the results and make proposals for improvement.

100% eligible

In addition, as the official digitizing agent to channel the aid of the Digital Kit linked to European Next funds, OCP offers the option of subsidizing the cost of this program 100%.

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