Nothing happens, recover deleted files with these 3 programs


With the passage of time, we work with a greater number of files and folders on our desktops. Among the reasons for all this, we can highlight that the disk drives are getting bigger, the programs that we install are more complex, and we handle a greater amount of our own data.

To all this, we must add that, on many occasions, whether for personal or professional reasons, we work and handle all these files in a hurry. We try to be more productive and make use of functions with these elements that we have been used to for years. Precisely from there come the mistakes that we make on certain occasions when dealing with these content on our computer with Windows.

Perhaps one of the most serious errors that we can commit with our personal files or files belonging to the system or to programs, is their accidental deletion. By this we mean that sometimes we delete important files without realizing it. This is something that is aggravated if we have deactivated the Recycle Bin or have used the shift key for direct deletion of those files. However, at this point we should not despair, since we still have a solution within reach.

Precisely all this is what we are going to talk about below some programs that will be useful in these circumstances of deleting files. These are specially designed to help us recover accidentally deleted files of our drives.

Disk Digger

Here we find a program that allows us to recover any type of file deleted by accident. In addition, it is compatible with practically all types of storage units. We refer to hard drives, SSD, flash drives, external drives, etc. All this accompanied by a simple and at the same time intuitive user interface.

At the same time the software offers us a series of help systems to guide us perfectly in the data recovery process. We have a free version limited in functions, so to make the most of it we will have to pay.

Activate File Recovery

This other proposal to recover data from the disk offers us compatibility with major file systems. At the same time, it is capable of detecting files of all kinds of formats that have been accidentally deleted. It is worth mentioning that it offers us two types of scanning, one faster and the other more precise. This way we will have the possibility to select the one that most interests us in each case when it comes to recovering those files that we have deleted without realizing it.


Here we find a solution for this type of process that has been with us for a good number of years. Due to this we can affirm that its developers have gained a lot of experience and offer us a reliable and effective program. It especially focuses on data recovery on hard drives FAT Y NTFS. As well as helping us with accidentally deleted files, we have the possibility to recover data if the partition table or boot does not work normally. All this is carried out in a simple and fluid way, largely thanks to the attendee available.

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