Node.js – the rising technology for Paypal


PayPal is a system to make an online payment. This application also allows users to pay for any items by using an account over the internet and in a secure manner. PayPal is mainly designed with the JAVA language which acts as a blackened technology. This app is used by 290 million users which makes payment of $315 per day. As with changing in the technology, the demands of users having a high knowledge of technology are not getting fulfilled and then developers of PayPal move towards the Node.js technology.

About Node.JS

Node.js is a runtime environment not any type of framework or not a library. This is mainly based on the JavaScript engine of Chrome’s V8. Development of Node.js is a buzzing type of technology that helps in enhances the rate of production of businesses. Currently, different fintech companies, as well as PayPal, also switch from Java to the Node.js to serve different web pages rapidly. As per the outcomes, these web pages loading time is low and noticed as 75%. Now, Node.js app development is possible.

The reason behind Paypal migration towards Node.JS

JAVA is initially used to design PayPal. JavaScript is used as a frontend along with a single HTML language for design PayPal. This same criterion is running in a similar manner until the time when the developer of HTML is not asking for integrating “A” & “B” pages. After adopting the latest algorithms by PayPal, security features have been improved out. This model requires a full stack developer to manage every aspect solely. Node.js solved several problems as it enables us to write and manage the browser & server applications have been also written in a similar programming language.  As per the outcomes, the overall team understands the problem at the back and front end and solve them effectively as per the customer’s requirement.

NodejS paypal integration

Some other reasons

Development of Nide.JS provide high performance

Performance is something essential part which comes during tech stack selection. The development of Node.js provides flexibility to users along with improved functionality. It designed by the same team members one who involved in the Java framework which based on spring and another one who involved in Kraken.js, express.js JavaScript code, and dust.js.

Development time is very less

As per the views of Jeff Harrell, PayPal migration towards Node.js in January month and taken only a few months to reach up to exact infrastructure. At the initial phase, five engineers were assigned for applications based on JAVA. After two months of development of JAVA, two engineers work with the development of Node.js. In June, the entire team met up and present an entire project in a similar timeframe. It has been noticed that almost all the features of Node.js app development are the same. It was written in 33% code lines. It has been also noticed that applications designed with fewer people. The designed application is much more dynamic and has an enhanced user interface.

Nodejs features

Cost is low

Researches stated that resource cost is directly proportional to the cost of development. As fewer developers require in Node.js development. Hence, the development cycle cost is also getting reduced. There is a least engineer’s investment that takes place in PayPal designing and writing codes in Node.js language. Therefore, profit is gained in developing an application.

Improved productivity

Developers of Node.js write their cod comparatively in lesser time along with adding some extra features. Node js tutorial helps in improving the productivity of developers and allow them to write code in fewer lines for a module. Hence, the code lengths are reduced down and utilized effectively. Rather than it, in case of Java application development, the developer has to write long codes for a module.

Other companies that shifted towards Node.JS


Uber is considered a platform for customers who connect customers who required hiring different transportation. In the present scenario, it is also used to deliver food. Initially, for development, it uses different tools but now it migrates towards the Node.js application due to which users experience better facilities.

Ubergo nodejs


It is an application of social networking that is a world’s business and oriented with employment. Almost all codes of LinkedIn have been written in Node.js & migrate all applications from Ruby too Rails. This seems to be an effective move of the company towards the development of Node.js which makes services 10 times better and provides several benefits.


Nodejs walmart

Wal-Mart is referred to as the world’s best site for e-commerce having globally net sales approx $481.32 billion. This company selects the Node.js and trusts this technology to design a well-settled site. Wal-Mart development team appreciates the applications of Node.js which having single-threaded models of event loops that can handle down the requests of customers without any issues.


It is one best example of Node.js development that how this development provides benefits to the business and make effective profits. Medium is an online platform or podium where bloggers can publish their blogs which also uses servers of Node.js. at first look, it looks like a simple page of HTML but it best technology. Development of Node.js is much useful and makes a test for products & experiments comparison. 

Summing up

Node.js applications developments seem to be the best development in the present market. If you have any issues with the Node.js application, Mtoag provides you a better solution. Mtoag has always been at the forefront in providing skill full developers of Node.js. This platform has been used currently in the enterprise-level software. Node.js seems to be an effective solution for many problems. So, different companies migrate them towards this application development technology.

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