No more free quick tests from September

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STEFANIE LOOS / AFP via Getty Images SPD and CDU / CSU want to abolish free corona tests as soon as all citizens have the opportunity for a full corona vaccination, reports the “Bild”. In the past four months, the state has spent 3.4 billion euros on citizen tests. It is not a “compulsory vaccination through the back door”, but a question of justice, said CDU Fize Thorsten Frei of “Bild”. Tested, vaccinated, recovered – anyone who wants to participate in public life again, for example to go to a restaurant or cinema, must either have survived a corona infection, be fully tested against the virus or present a negative test. There are now many offers for free quick tests, also known as citizen tests. The grand coalition (SPD, CDU and CSU) wants to abolish the free tests after the summer, reports the “Bild”. Once all citizens have had the opportunity to get fully vaccinated, those who do not want to be vaccinated will have to pay for the tests themselves, the article says. That should happen from the end of September / beginning of October. The main reason is the high costs. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz in particular wants to abolish the tests, according to the “Bild”. Markus Söder is also in favor of abolition. From April to the end of July, a total of 3.4 billion euros was billed for free corona tests – a large part of it for the citizen tests.

No “mandatory vaccination through the back door”

Vice-head of the Union parliamentary group Thorsten Frei emphasized to the “Bild” that this was not a “mandatory vaccination through the back door”, but a question of justice. However, one could recently see in France that the cancellation of the free tests also means more vaccinations. After President Emmanuel Macron announced that the required PCR tests would no longer be free from September, 2.2 million French people registered for a vaccination appointment within one day. Epidemiologist Hajo Zeeb also thinks it makes sense to make the tests chargeable. “Given the availability and effectiveness of vaccinations, it makes epidemiological sense to do this weighting,” he said in an interview with Business Insider. Because while the vaccinations provide lasting protection against the coronavirus, rapid tests only detect it and then enable other precautionary measures, such as quarantine. hr read too

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