No end of pandemic, just tidying up: Corona warning in Nina-Warnapp lifted


No end of pandemic, just cleaning up Corona warning in Nina-Warnapp lifted

2022-09-02 8:29 p.m

The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance overtakes its Warnapp at a sensitive point. Current reports should be better perceived. In order to do this, an “all clear” must be performed. This irritates many users.

The nationwide corona warning in the Warnapp Nina has been lifted. The app also spoke of an “all clear” on Friday. However, the responsible Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) pointed out that this wording was due to technical reasons. “To avoid any misunderstandings: The corona pandemic is still ongoing. There is no all-clear for Corona!”

The BBK explained the removal of the nationwide warning in its statement with more clarity. “This regular ‘cleaning up’ is necessary so that current warning messages can be better perceived by users.”

As the office explained, there are only three states in the app: “Warning”, “Update” and “All clear”. Simply removing an existing warning “quietly” is therefore not yet possible. The nationwide corona warning was therefore removed under the technical title “All clear”. According to the information, the system is now to be further developed so that future reports can also be “quietly” removed again.

The following headline was specifically to be read in the app: “All clear: Corona virus: Information from the Federal Ministry of Health”. The text then went on to say: “This is the all-clear for the ‘Coronavirus: Information from the Federal Ministry of Health’ warning of April 7th, 2022”. This warning has been lifted. Users of the app may then have asked themselves whether Corona is no longer officially classified as a danger.

measures are still important

The Federal Ministry of Health countered this impression. You just sent an updated text to the BBK responsible for the app. In this text, which can be seen in the app after the lines quoted above, it says verbatim: “This is important information from the Federal Ministry of Health. The corona virus is still a serious risk to your health. Use the offers for the corona -Vaccination and refresh your vaccination if necessary. Even if the nationwide warning is hereby lifted, continue to observe the recommendations for action given, especially the AHA rules.”

A ministry spokesman also referred to the Robert Koch Institute, which continues to assess the overall risk of Covid-19 for the health of the population in Germany as high.

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