Nina Esteba and Rafael Perera provisional leaders of the 2022 Championship of Catalonia



REGATISTAS WITH SOLERA. Nina Esteba and Rafael Perera, provisional leaders of the 2022 Catalan title for senior sailing in the first and second category, respectively, are already two renowned sailors. Nina Esteba was third in the Catalan Cup in 2017 and 2018 and runner-up in the 2019 edition, in which she won her first round as a top sailor. Rafael Perera, was the absolute winner of the Trofeu la Mercè in 2017 (he even beat the first) and, subsequently, has been on numerous podiums of relevant awards of the class.

(5-6-2022). Nina Esteba, in the first category, and Rafael Perera, in the second, are the provisional leaders of the 2022 Catalan Championship for senior sailing. Also on the provisional first class podium is the young Jordi Dalmau and on the second, Alex Depoorter.

The second day of the 2022 Senior Sailing Skate Championship of Catalonia held today in Canet de Mar has been for puffers. A wind of 5-6 knots has barely blown in the two races held with a garbí wind and a strong current from the same direction.

INFORMATIONAL SPONSOR. Gesiuris is the informative sponsor of the 2022 Catalan Championship for senior sailing.

After the first two tests carried out, the sailor from the Tamariu Nautic Club, Nina Esteba, is the provisional leader of the first category, while Rafael Perera, from the Barcelona Swimming Club, leads the second category.


Only two skippers in both categories today managed not to drop out of the top-10 in both heats. In the first category they have been achieved by Nina Esteba, with a seventh in the first heat and a first in the second, as well as Oriol Castellà, from Club Vela Sant Antoni, with a second in the first and a ninth in the second.

INFORMATIVE CO-SPONSOR. Depoorter Sails is the informative co-sponsor of the 2022 Catalan Championship for senior skate sailing.

Rafael Perera has achieved it in the second category, with a first in the first, and a fourth in the second test, as well as Alex Depoorter, from Club Vela Sant Antoni, with a fifth in the first and a seventh in the second.

SPORTSMANSHIP. In the vicinity of buoy 1 on the first beat of today’s second test, Anna Borrás, on the left, has abandoned her boat to go to the rescue of Eva Pellissé, on the right, who, in a maneuver with her skate, She fell, fracturing the calf of her right leg, and could not get on board her boat alone due to the injury. Subsequently, Anna Borras swam back to her boat to continue testing her, while Pellissé returned to land.


The winners of today’s heats in the first category have been Peco Mulet, from Club Natacion Badalona, ​​who has won the first, while the aforementioned Nina Esteba, has won the second.

In the second category, the Club Maritim Altafulla sailor, Alex Ballesteros, won the second round, emulating the aforementioned success of Rafael Perera, winner of the first round.


Undoubtedly, regularity has been an aspect that has not proliferated too much today, with the exception of the cases exposed. And it is that while in the first round the garbí has ​​not recorded very decisive roles, in the second set, shortly after the start of the first, the garbí has ​​been going to the right and has ended up causing a notorious drop in the patterns who have opted for the offshore board (both first-class and second-class). This has favored the sailors who had gone by land to separate themselves from the rest of the fleet.

That ‘one of lime and one of sand’ has caused that there are already, both in the first and second category, award-winning skippers who, in theory, have already added a notably unfavorable result, with which tomorrow they will have to sharpen their strategy a lot to avoid a new puncture, and thus improve the position they currently occupy in the provisional.


At the moment, the top podium is dominated by Nina Esteba, in first position, with 9 points, followed by Oriol Castellá, with 11, in second position, and Jordi Dalmau, from Club Maritim Altafulla, with 16, in third place.

In the second category, Rafael Parera extracts a good profit from having been the most regular skipper today, both in the first and second category, and having garnered two places in the top-5, which places him in the lead, with 5 points. Second place goes to Alex Depoorter, with 12 points, while third place goes to Joan Josep Vidal, from Club Nautic El Masnou, with 14 points.

NEW WAVE OF CHAMPIONS. Nina Esteba, provisional leader of the 2022 Catalan Championship for senior sailing, first category, flanked, on the left, by Jordi Dalmau, from the Club Marítim Altafulla, third classified in the provisional 2022 Championship of Catalonia for senior sailing, first category, and, on the right, by Alex Depoorter, from the Sant Antoni Sailing Club, second classified in the provisional second category. All three are part of the new wave of champions taking hold. Dalmau, is 19 years old; Nina Esteba, with 22; and Alex Depoorter, with 25.


The last two sleeves are scheduled for tomorrow. The attention signal of the first is scheduled at 12 noon and it is expected that, like today, the committee will be punctual.

For tomorrow, the forecast points to winds at that time of about 12 knots, which makes it predictable that the day will not be as favorable for the ventolineros, as in theory, it has been today.

Two heats, then, that open up many options and leave the championship completely open, both in terms of the first category podium and the second category. If the two races are held tomorrow and the championship counts a total of 4 races, each sailor will be able to deduct the worst result from him. This makes it likely that the championship will not be really defined until the last race.

PROVISIONAL CLASSIFICATION FIRST. 2022 Catalan Championship of senior sailing skate of 1st category.

Provisional classification Championship of Catalonia 2022-1as

SECOND PROVISIONAL CLASSIFICATION. 2022 Catalan Championship of senior sailing skate of 2nd category.

Provisional classification Championship of Catalonia 2022 2as

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