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Fiber To The X technology offers multiple reliability benefits that help improve Internet connectivity and has been found to increase the value of a home by up to 3.1%, increasing your home equity when connected to this service.

By Lucas Samin

Santiago de Chile.- If we think that the principles of signaling and optical communication are more than 200 years old, we go back to Claude Chappe, inventor of the first optical telegraph, or semaphore, to make visual signals throughout France.

Today the communication and connection requirements have not diminished since these early years throughout the world, seeing in the present the need to generate and provide services with an ultra or high speed.

Given this high demand for connectivity, FTTx (Fiber To The X) technologies appear as a strategic and vital resource for current needs.

When we talk about FTTx we mean a solution that has simplified the way the Internet is used. Among many possibilities for improvement, this technology offers improved reliability and speed through Fiber Optic, which is more resistant and scalable. So for people looking for a sustainable, affordable and future-proof network for their office, home or fiber deployment service, FTTx is a high-speed, high-quality broadband connection.

With the advent of this technology, you can enjoy excellent connectivity and download large files in a few seconds. For example, FTTx networks offer the dual benefit of higher transmission speeds and lower power consumption.

On the other hand, by moving the Fiber Optic closer to the user, the most recent construction, connection and transmission techniques can be fully exploited; reducing the probability of bottlenecks occurring in conventional coaxial networks. For this to be feasible, planning and execution must be applied to all phases of the life cycle of the equipment that makes up the solution.

If we talk about advantages, we immediately list the most relevant:

Connectivity at the speed of light, it’s not science fiction!

For example, a Fiber Optic cable consists of several very thin wires and can be made of plastic or glass. It transmits pulses of light, transferring data at high speeds and long distances with less signal loss. Using this network, you can get very good bandwidth, allowing you to download two-hour HD movies in a few seconds. After that, you can watch it effortlessly without any problem.

Trust the connection, zero latencies.

For example, this technology means that the fiber cable wires are not made of copper, so there is no possibility of generating external interference or “noise” that could reduce data transmission. Also, nearby power lines will never create any interference, and nothing is guaranteed to affect the Fiber Optic network, except the destruction of a structure or a physical outage. As long as companies use FTTx, the connection will not drop, and while watching a series or uploading large data, you will not have any problems.

Cloud Access.

Today more than 95% of organizations use the Cloud. That is why fiber internet speed and bandwidth capabilities indicate faster access to applications and stored data; therefore, this technology eliminates delays in accessing the information present in the Cloud, through SaaS (Software as a Service), including customer service. When all information is received on time, delays can be avoided and work speeds up.

More Reliability, more security.

Fiber To The X technology offers multiple reliability advantages that help improve Internet connectivity. For example; the fiber is stronger compared to copper and is not susceptible to weather conditions. This fiber is resistant to electrical or human interference, only deteriorating if physically cut. In an organization, unreliable Internet connections can lead to unforeseen expenses, so if the organization needs to make calls or access various other applications, reliability is another parameter to consider, and it will only happen with the FTTx solution.


If we take into account that, for companies with high demand for data transmission, it is essential to review the Internet bandwidth. Not all connections offer unlimited connectivity, so availability should be checked before contracting for your needs. The reason is that it slows down and you may have a hard time. With FTTx you can eliminate lag, slow speeds and avoid pixelated video quality.

Value added

Another relevant factor is that, in order to obtain the appropriate communication services with FTTH (Fiber To The Home), it has been discovered that they increase the value of a house by up to 3.1%, raising its surplus value when connected to this service. .

Lastly, the drive and increasingly rapid adoption of Cloud-based services, smart cities and the arrival of 5G technology are just some of the obvious reasons why low-latency, high-performance Fiber Optic networks bandwidth have become the preferred medium for operators and consumers.

FTTx networks provide the infrastructure so that all current communication technologies can achieve a wide capacity, and systematic connectivity, which not only raises their field of action in quality; but along with this, new business possibilities are opened for companies that intensively adopt FTTx technologies.

Lucas Samyn is Engineering Coordinator Cono Sur Furukawa Electric LatAm

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