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Myfreemp3: So many of us like to listen to music in free time or when we are bored. In order to get more fun most of the music lovers get nice headphones, a better music player, and much more. As on the internet, we get all types of music and there are so many apps available for music like Spotify, Gaana, and much more. Most of the apps are premium which asks us to pay some money to get all the benefits of the app. However, there are many music sites available that do not allow us to listen to music before we buy the premium version. Mostly, people like to download MP3 music for free. There is a site called My free mp3s which allows you to download songs for free. You don’t need to register or Log in on this site. If you want to download a video or a song from My free mp3 than you just need to copy the URL, visit the website and paste the URL and start downloading.

If you want to use some similar sites to Myfreemp3s then here we have a list of the websites similar to Myfreemp3. And all these sites are legal so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Top Websites for myfreemp3 alternative

Check out My free mp3 similar websites to listen to the best music.

1. Soundcloud

soundcloud replaced myfreemp3

Soundcloud is a free music site that is similar to the Myfreemp3 site. It is one of the most popular and the best platform for all music lovers. One can listen to music for free and can also share the music. You can also upload and promote your own music for free on Soundcloud. This website has all types of music. You can download your favorite song and keep it in the library to listen to it offline whenever you want. It has both paid and free versions. If you buy a subscription account then you can get benefits of listening to music when you are offline, No Advertisements in between, Audio quality 320kbit/s.

Pros of Soundcloud

  • You can upload music and podcast it
  • Paid Pro Account allows you to share the music
  • You can use this app for free, even though it has paid version but the free version is also good
  • Soundcloud is a Social Platform

Cons Of Soundcloud

  • Search results are confusing sometimes
  • Paid subscription service does not offer many songs
  • Does not upload the song by File size, does it by time


2. ReverbNation

ReverbNation competitor myfreemp3

ReverbNation website is the most popular myfreemp3 alternative that provides a central site for all the producers, musicians, and venues. They communicate and collaborate with each other. It is a platform where musicians can get resources and excel. More than 3 million people use this site including artists, fans, and venues.

Pros of ReverbNation

  • Free to use no need to pay any money.
  • You can sync your Facebook account with it
  • With the help of statistics email, you can see the record of all your new fans and the number of plays

Cons Of ReverbNation

  • MP3 music file limit is 8MB
  • Re-upload your files to distribute


3. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the best site to listen songs like myfreemp3

Vimeo app is a video sharing platform that allows you to stream videos for free. We can say it is a competitor to YouTube. Vimeo offers a basic and free membership. On this app, you can upload a video that has a limit of 500MB maximum storage per week. However, on YouTube, you can make a free video with unlimited storage. This app is best for them who watch high-quality content. On Vimeo, you can watch videos of Animation, short films, and so much more.

Pros Of Vimeo

  • Video player is good
  • Contains NO Ads

Cons Of Vimeo

  • Expensive price for the paid version
  • Limited mobile uploads


4. Spotify

Spotify alternative myfreemp3

Another open-cited alternative to myfreemp3. Spotify is an audio streaming app that has both paid and free versions. There are limited features in the free version. The app is completely legal and you can use it without any worry. It offers the best built-in features with a huge collection of songs. You can use this app on any platform it is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Android TV and on all the browsers.

Pros of Spotify

  • Available almost on every platform
  • Playlist features are the best one
  • Great music and podcast selection
  • Premium version has lots of great features

Cons Of Spotify

  • The free version has limited features


5. Google Play Music

Google play music

It is a music and podcast streaming service similar to myfreemp3. Google has made is a streaming music app called Google Play Music. It is free to use without paying any subscription fees. The only downside is you will get Ads in between. On Google Play Music the user can upload their own song which will be added to their library.

Pros Of Google Play Music

  • Has a huge collection of music
  • Android Auto support
  • Has High-quality streaming

Cons Of Google Play Music

  • No Visualizer


6. AudioMack


Audiomack is one of the best websites that offer music like myfreemp3. It is a place for all music lovers, artists, and labels, to share music. This site is safe to upload, stream and to download music. It is an app that you can download for free. Download the songs and listen to them offline.



Lastfm is a popular music streaming website similar to myfreemp3. Sign Up on this site and create your own profile. It has features of watching, listening and sharing music. Overall, it is a great music service and worth using it.

Pros Of

  • It plays preferences depending on what type of song you listen
  • It scrobbles all the music which you listen
  • Can get lots of benefits in free version



So, these are some of the best Myfreemp3 alternatives to listen to music for free. You must try out these sites at least once, you will surely love it. All the sites have their own features and benefits. So, check out once and choose any and start using it. We hope you liked this article and it was helpful for you.

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