Monk Build in Diablo 3: Inna's Ally

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In Season 25 of Diablo 3, the monk is by far one of the strongest classes. The reason for this is the Set Innas Mantra, which is combined with the ability Mystic Allies. We explain the complete build to you in detail.

Hardly any other build will be as successful in Season 25 as Inna's ally , as the set benefits greatly from the Seasonal theme of soul shards. The soul shard Dregs of Lies increases the damage of your allies immensely, of which you can summon up to ten at the same time thanks to the right equipment. We have summarized the exact items and necessary skills for you.

Inna's allies: equipment

Head Inna's Shine Shoulders Lefebvre's Monologue Body Inna's Endless Wideness Hands Inna's Hold Wrists Ghost Cuffs Hip Inna's Favor Legs Inna's Moderation Feet The Coarsest Boots Left Hand Shenlong's Legendary Fist Right Hand Shenlong's Steel Strike Amulet Adventurer's Oath Ring The Compass Rose Ring Gathering of the Elements

In this version you only wear five of the seven parts of the Inna set. In order to still receive the full set bonus, you therefore need the Ring of Royal Splendor . In our version of the build, this is activated in Kanai's Cube.

Inna's allies: Kanai's Cube

Depending on which item has the better values, you can swap the slots for armor and jewelry with your worn equipment . So if you find a perfect ring of royal splendor, for example, but only a weak confluence of the elements, it of course makes more sense to put the confluence of the elements in your cube. You only have to select the flying dragon weapon via the cube, otherwise you cannot activate the Shenlong set.

Weapon : Flying Dragon Armor : Bindings of the Lesser Gods Jewelry : Ring of Royal Splendor

Inna's allies: gems

You place these three legendary gemstones in your amulet and your two rings:

Corruption of the Prisoners. Corruption of the Defeated Executors

Due to the season theme, your helmet and your left weapon are already covered with a soul splinter. Therefore, you only have room for gems in your right weapon, legs and armor. Until you have found a suitable soul shard, however, you can also put a diamond in your helmet.

Armor / legs : diamond weapon : emerald

Inna's allies: abilities

The Fire Ally rune for the Mystic Ally skill is your best choice when it comes to pure damage. So choose this rune to unlock ever higher Rifts. If, on the other hand, you are looking for speed, for example to farm for portal keystones in normal nephalem portals or to collect bounties, you will be better off with the water allies rune.

Season 25 Soul Shards

In season 25 your equipment will be improved by powerful soul fragments. These disappear after the end of the season and should then be replaced by emeralds and diamonds . So keep in mind that the build will be a bit weaker overall after the end of the season.

Weapon : Dregs of Lies

Head : Sliver of Terror

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