Missed MeinSchufa termination? There is now a way out

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Every time the annual fee for the MeinSchufa portal is deducted from my account, I get annoyed that I forgot to cancel again. But suddenly there is a new opportunity. The terms and conditions are expanded so that you have a special right of termination. This is our chance to get out.

Early termination of MeinSchufa due to a change in the terms and conditions

Today I had a very interesting email from MeinSchufa in my inbox. The portal will be rebuilt in mid-November and therefore the “General Terms and Conditions and Information for SCHUFA private customer products” will be adapted. This gives you the option to terminate the contract without having to observe the normal term of the contract, which normally runs for one year.

The new terms and conditions can be viewed in the MeinSchufa mailbox. If you do not object within three weeks, you automatically accept the new terms and conditions . However, if you contradict the new terms and conditions by letter, fax or email, the contractual relationship will be automatically terminated on November 14, 2021 and your customer account will be deleted. I just did that and I will update the article if something changes.

I graduated from MeinSchufa years ago when I was preparing to buy an apartment. Since then, I've been annoyed every year that the annual fee is deducted and I just keep forgetting to cancel. This is of course my fault and not that of MeinSchufa . Nevertheless, the e-mail has now reminded me that I can easily cancel with an objection. So take the chance when you are registered there and no longer need the service.

In the video we tell you how you can save money when shopping online:

Who shouldn't terminate MeinSchufa

Now of course you shouldn't cancel MeinSchufa if you need the service. For me, the service is now superfluous. But he helped me a lot when I needed him to be better prepared for negotiations. Even if you are currently looking for an apartment, proactive information can have a positive effect . So only cancel if you no longer need the service.

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