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It has been the hallmark of Chile at a global level, we are undoubtedly a mining country, but now with a difference, because we are also innovative.

By Pablo Psijas

Santiago de Chile.- Technology is valued by Chileans as one of the sectors that most contributes to the welfare of society. That was the main conclusion of a recent study that corroborated something that has become evident in recent times and especially since the pandemic: technological solutions are decisive for development and quality of life.

The incredible thing about this statement is that it is not limited only to the way we inform ourselves, how we educate ourselves, communicate or have a meeting from an office, but it reaches all areas and industries, including one that is still classified as traditional by most people: mining. Exponor was recently held, the reference exhibition that brought together more than 40,000 visitors to learn about the innovations and technological changes that are revolutionizing the sector that covers around 12.5% ​​of GDP with exports that exceeded US$ 31 billion between January and July 2021.

Beyond the hard data, which abounds, or how impressive it is to see how the way of extracting and processing minerals has evolved, we must not lose sight of the fact that the great promise of these changes is to optimize the work of the people behind of those numbers and have years of experience in the field, providing them with greater safety, comfort and productivity. Teleoperation, automation and digitalization not only prevent them from having to operate in risky environments, but also give way to more efficient and sustainable mechanisms, in economic and environmental terms.

To mention an example we can refer to the new closed circuit television with analytics. We are no longer talking about hundreds of cameras that record endless hours, but about software that automatically generates descriptions of what happens in the video, that is, metadata, alerting dangers or anomalies and sending notifications to the people in charge. The result: increased safety for workers, cost savings from reduced network load and storage needs, and less investment in time because images are easier to monitor and search. In other words, collaborators are no longer exposed to danger, but rather focus on correcting the faults detected by cameras or sensors, that is, there is greater control and fewer risks.

Like this one, I could comment on several more cases, but I do not want to stop at that point, but rather reinforce the call to understand technology as an ally that is decisive for the growth of any business and to improve the day to day of each one of the people who make it possible. Only with innovation will we be able to find the answers we need and make better decisions both in the usual routine and in times of crisis.

Let’s not talk about the mining of tomorrow because the technology has already arrived and is here to stay. It has been the hallmark of Chile at a global level, we are undoubtedly a mining country, but now with a difference, because we are also innovative.

Pablo Psijas is Country Manager at SEAL Telecom

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