Merrell presents the international campaign ‘More Less’ linked to women


Merrell presents the international campaign 'More Less' linked to women

Some of the featured Merrell footwear models for women are: Bravada 2, Antora 2 and Siren 3 GTX.

(4-3-2022). The Merrell brand celebrates International Women’s Day with a new campaign and new models designed exclusively for her. Bravada 2, Antora 2 and Siren 3 GTX are models that offer comfort and advantages for women practicing outdoor sports.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the American outdoor footwear brand presents a new international campaign called ‘More Less’. The essence of the Merrell campaign is the prioritization of caring for women in every way. Caring for oneself, transferring the concept linked to beauty to sports, specifically hiking and practicing outdoor sports.

‘More Less’ makes you change heels for sneakers, give up cosmetics, expensive chemicals, beauty treatments, etc. and go outside, empower yourself with nature and with the outdoors, which is what really gives us much more well-being. The woman is more than enough and many times, less is more.

Linked to this campaign, the already presented Merrell Hikking Club has also been born and if we link it to the product, Merrell has models designed exclusively and specifically for women.

physiognomy of the woman

Merrell, in the manufacture of the different models of sneakers, not only varies the color or size to differentiate those for women from those for men. The brand specializing in outdoor sports goes much further.

“We know that the physiognomy of women is different from that of men and therefore, they adapt when designing and producing the models for them,” they affirm from the brand.

The most outstanding technology in this aspect is Q FORM, which overcomes the differences in body alignment between genders and allows greater comfort for women, avoiding hip or knee pain when hiking, trekking or trail running.


Some of the featured models for women are: Bravada 2, Antora 2 and Siren 3 GTX.

The commitment to women’s models is strengthened with the renewal of the Bravada 2 collection. In this second version of the model, we find a mountain shoe, specifically for women, that fits like a sneaker and hugs the ankle without stiffness or points of Pressure. It is made of recycled materials, as well as a new SRC foam midsole that is more consistent and has a greater rebound effect than conventional EVA. Merrell’s stickier rubber outsole is retained, offering confidence on all types of terrain.

In the case of Antora 2, it is an ideal shoe model for women who want a light, comfortable and safe experience on trails of moderate difficulty. Thanks to QForm technology, it offers exemplary stability. The double density midsole allows a natural body alignment with the woman’s body and, therefore, unbeatable comfort. It has a Vibram® sole with 4mm studs, which guarantee great grip and an 8mm drop. In addition to being a vegan-friendly model, its weight is 260 grams for the number 37.5 shoe, therefore, very light.

Finally, focusing on Siren 3 GTX, there is no equivalent model for men. Starting from the basis that the morphology of women and men are completely different, both when standing up or walking, among other things, Merrell has developed the Q FORM technology. To overcome these differences in body alignment, with this technology we favor a more natural placement of the hip, to avoid pain in it, in the knees, etc. Thus, Q FORM is the mixture of the different densities of the midsole and the insole. With these details, when hiking, the correct body position and comfort when walking are ensured and a more pleasant experience is lived. It is a light model and perfect for trekking.

Here you can see some of the brand’s videos:

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