Tips to MBA and Master Programs in Singapore in 2020


A Master of Business Administration (MBA degree) is a general Management degree designed
to educate business students in different areas such as Marketing, Finances, Strategy, Human
Resources, and Operation Management.
An MBA set you apart from other Master’s programs. It provides you with a peer-to-peer
education, which involves successful business owners and interaction between students from
diverse backgrounds.
When you study an MBA abroad, it provides you with a great platform to network and creates new
business opportunities. Also, an MBA degree helps you become a well-rounded business graduate
and not just an expert in one area.
However, most MBA schools require a certain amount of work experience (usually 2 to 4 years)
before you get admitted. The reason is that MBA’s equips you for the next big step in a
business career.

Study in Singapore

With the growth in technology, teaching tools, and research facilities, Singapore’s universities

boast top-quality courses that will nurture your creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
There is a strong bond between these universities and neighboring industries that ensure relevantly
courses also gain valuable practical skills aside from the theoretical aspect.

Why study in Singapore

Singapore is rated as one of the most business-friendly cities in the world. It covers a diverse
population, and everyone speaks English, which will help you to adjust quickly. However, you’ll
get a mixed taste of Asian and European cultures.
Regardless of your choice of degree, Singapore is the perfect environment for you if you plan to
become an expert in your profession and still want to acquire a business mindset. Also, you will
benefit from outstanding student facilities as well as a multicultural environment.

What to study in Singapore?

Universities in Singapore provide you with undergraduate and graduate degrees across any field
you can imagine. You can pursue a degree in Business, Social Sciences, Languages,
Engineering, and so on.
Below are some of the most popular and studied courses in Singapore:
● Business Administration degrees in Singapore
● Finance degrees in Singapore
● Management degrees in Singapore
● Environmental Engineering in Singapore

How to apply for MBA and other Masters Programs in Singapore

Notably, all universities have a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate during an online
application process. A good MBA and Master’s program school with those qualities is the

Aventis School of Management.

Like any other school you are applying for in Singapore, Aventis School of Management allows
you to choose the degree(s) you wish to enroll in and submit all the required documents.
Carefully go through all the required documents and ensure that they are all translated into
English. For instance, you’ll need an internally recognized Bachelor’s degree or equivalent when
applying for a Master’s degree at any university in Singapore.
Make sure you know the required language and whether there’s a need to prove skills in English
before enrolling in a degree or master’s program.
Show your past performance as a student, and be sure to you what your Grade Point Average
(GPA) was back in school. Also, make sure you have all the requirements qualify for a
Singapore university of your choice.

Take Preparation Courses

We advise that you take preparation courses as it will enable you to get an extra educational
boost just before you start an MBA or Master’s degree programs.
Attempt a pre MBA, pre Medicine, or pre LAW program, and any other preparation or
foundation courses that will enable you to study the degree program of your choice. Try to
improve your English through an English preparation course.
As long as you’ll like to attend a degree or Master’s program in Singapore, you’d need to prove
that your language skill is good enough to participate during lectures.
Also, these courses will help prepare you for any other English language test that Universities in
Singapore require. The official exams that almost all the universities in Singapore accept include
IELTS, TOEFL, and C1 Advanced.
Once you have all these requirements, there is every likelihood that you will be admitted to study
the program of your choice in Singapore.

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