Making cycling easier: digital gadgets and apps for cyclists


Digitally equipped Good apps and gadgets for cyclists

06/28/2022, 09:38 am (updated)

In the summer, many people ride their bikes. Numerous apps and some gadgets make their life a little easier. Depending on the individual project, very different items of equipment are recommended for the bicycle.

Whether you ride your bike to the office every day, go on a day trip or embark on tours lasting several weeks: cyclists get to their destination better with one or the other app. If you combine these with the right gadgets, nothing stands in the way of successful bike tours.


In particular, people who cycle longer distances know the problem: the standard maps from Google and Apple do not contain all the routes that are passable or make sense. Users can find better map material with “Locus Map Pro” (Android), for example, where every dirt road, no matter how small, is noted. This also applies to “Komoot” (Android/iOS), where you can have a precise breakdown of the road surfaces awaiting you on the tour even before you set off on a journey. After all, who wants to end up on a kilometer-long gravel road with their streamlined racing bike?


Those who use the bike not only as a means of transport, but as a piece of sports equipment, may want to compete with others. The “Strava” app, which enables cyclists and runners to compare with others, is suitable for this. All services can be recorded here and then analyzed in detail. “Runtastic Road Bike” or “MapMyRide” have a similar range of functions. Those who are satisfied with recording a route will also be happy with most navigation apps. Professionals buy fitness trackers that measure the heart rate and connect them to their smartphones via the respective product app in order to be able to analyze their own training even more precisely.

In case of emergancy

In the event of a broken spoke or flat tire, cyclists have to lend a hand and start repairing themselves. The “BikeRepair” app helps with repair tutorials and explains what can be repaired where. Although the application is only available in English so far, the good illustrations also help those who do not speak English. Should something worse happen, such as an accident, it is good to have the “First Aid” app from the German Red Cross installed on your smartphone. Here, first responders will find detailed instructions on correct first aid.


Depending on the individual project, very different items of equipment are recommended for the bicycle. If you are traveling with saddlebags or even trailers, you will quickly have a mobile photovoltaic surface installed on your bike. They are available from the size of a smartphone to foldable models roughly the size of a tablet. They only produce decent power when the sun is right, but it’s always enough to extend the runtime of the smartphone or the Bluetooth box. There are also many types of holders for mobile phones – this saves you having to constantly unpack and pack the device again.

(This article was first published on Sunday, June 26, 2022.)

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